The collagen hydrolysate

Sport has a health-promoting effect on the body, which is supported by a healthy diet and a balance between Protein, Carbohydrates and fats can be supplemented.

Many competitive athletes already know that proteins are very important for the body, because protein is a macronutrient - just like carbohydrates and fats. In addition to the sporting activity, balanced meals are an important linchpin when it comes to the body's performance. Muscle building goes. For muscle building and healthy nutrition, collagen hydrolysate also plays a crucial role. So that you know what is important in the supply of collagen hydrolysate, we want to leave you some important information.



The collagen hydrolysate as a food supplement

The substrate collagen hydrolysate is obtained from the so-called collagen and is, strictly speaking, a food. Collagen hydrolysate finds frequent use especially for athletes - and quite unknowingly, because the collagen hydrolysate is often used in dietary supplements.

The Collagenwhich is contained in the collagen hydrolysate, is an extracellular structural protein. More precisely, it is a protein that is responsible for the strength of connective tissue. Collagen makes up 25 % to 30 % of the protein in humans.

What is a structural protein?

We just talked about collagen hydrolysate being a structural protein. But what exactly is a structural protein? Structural proteins are proteins that occur as so-called scaffolding materials in cells or in tissue. The structural proteins, to which collagen hydrolysate also belongs, form a main class in the series of important proteins.

Structural proteins have no catalytic function. They do not act as enzymes, but are primarily involved in forming fibers and giving cells their actual shape. In addition, they give the tissue its required strength.

What exactly is collagen?

The human connective tissue is the body's network, because it consists of cells and an extracellular matrix. This in turn is largely composed of collagens, i.e. the structural proteins.

The connective tissue is interwoven like a net and serves as elastic supporting tissue between the cells, the organs and of course the skin and the bones.

So it can be said that our connective tissue serves the organism as the following functions:

  • Holding system
  • Connection system
  • Protective system
  • Information system and transport system
  • and supply system

Collagen is of elementary importance for the organism.

What exactly does collagen hydrolysate do?

The fact that protein is an important body component has already been emphasized several times. It not only ensures a healthy lifestyle, but is also significantly involved in many areas of the human body. Accordingly, one could also say that nothing works in the body without protein. Now the proteins consist of Amino acidswhich have an essential meaning for the body.

However, not only protein as a pure substance is important, but also collagen hydrolysate, which also plays an important role in many areas of the human organism. For example, about 70 percent of cartilage tissue consists of collagen and about 25 percent of proteoglycan. Accordingly, the high-quality collagen hydrolysate is a particularly good source of protein that the body will appreciate in the long run.

Collagen hydrolysate has a wealth of the most important amino acids. Among them are also Alanine, Arginine, Proline or glycine. These four essential amino acids are particularly important for the immune system because they strengthen it by participating in antibody formation.

For these reasons alone, collagen hydrolysate is particularly important for athletes, as it protects and supplies all important areas.

Collagen hydrolysate in sports nutrition

Already in the 70s, the potential behind the collagen hydrolysate was recognized. Since then, collagen hydrolysate has been added to sports foods - i.e. dietary supplements - as a natural product. Due to the collagen hydrolysate, the products are more digestible, much richer in protein and thus much more valuable for athletes.
Especially the increased protein content can help build muscle, because protein provides energy, which is of course ideal during a hard and enduring workout.

Why is collagen hyrolysate so commonly used in sports nutrition?

But the collagen hydrolysate is used especially often in the sports foods, such as protein bars or shakes. The reason for this is that the collagen hydrolysate is very similar to the protein of the human body. Due to this similarity, the collagen hydrolysate is optimally absorbed and used by the body.

But collagen hydrolysate is also found in other sports foods, for example in cereal bars. There it replaces the unwelcome carbohydrates and the additional sugar as a binding agent.

The advantages of collagen hydrolysate

The collagen hydrolysate has some advantages, which should be highlighted here. Firstly, it is a perfect protein supplier, replaces binders such as sugar and has a pleasant aftertaste, quite different from milk, for example. In addition, the protein contains the necessary amino acids that the human body needs for muscle building.

Collagen hydrolysate can therefore help build muscle and at the same time be used for weight control. However, in order to see positive effects in these areas, it is important to additionally pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet as well as the optimal lifestyle.

The collagen hydrolysate can be taken for different reasons, before and after training

Once you have completed a long and effective workout, the resistance of the protein building blocks can be attacked. The proteins in the body begin to oxidize, causing the membranes to suffer microfine injuries, which in turn can lead to inflammation. A protein-rich diet after training can prevent such behavior.

Proteins also support other important components of the organism and support this to supply the muscles with sufficient energy. For this reason, the proteins can also be taken in different forms before training.

The collagen hydrolysate from our assortment

Collagen hydrolysate is now found in numerous supplements. We also have a variety of these supplements on offer, but they are all made from high quality raw materials. Our supplements help you to get the necessary proteins and vitamins. Take a closer look at our range and find all the important nutrients you need for your daily needs.

In our assortment you will find, among other things, typical sports foods, which, however, should not be seen as the main food, but really only serve as a supplement. If you have questions about collagen hydrolysate or pure questions about muscle building, then you can always ask us. We will do our best to always answer your questions comprehensively and find the perfect product for you.