beta alanine

Beta Alanine - Athletes are enthusiastic

Beta Alanine is also known as ß-alanine. It is an amino acid that is present in dietary supplements, especially in the form of capsules and powder, and is very widely used. Those who choose the powder form can make an individual dosage. The capsules, on the other hand, offer a quicker and less complicated way of taking. Based on the manufacturer's instructions, the optimal dosage can of course also be selected here. In order to be able to convert carnosine in the body, is beta alanine generally necessary. This is built up from the amino acid.

Who in the daily diet on a sufficient amount of Carnosine would like to pay attention, should especially white Meat and turkey meat to consume. Those who do not consume such foods daily, and of course vegetarians and vegans, can resort to beta alanine, because otherwise there is an amino acid undersupply. Especially for vegetarians this is very important, because you are often undersupplied.

beta alanine

beta alanine

ß-alanines are considered to be the amino of the Aspartic acid. This amino acid is a simple variant of the group. In combination with pantoic acid, it reacts to form the so-called pantothenic acid. This in turn is needed to be able to form coenzyme A. Many athletes are enthusiastic about beta alanine and especially like the well-known tingling sensation that occurs as an effect after taking it. It keeps the pH value stable in the muscle and protects against overacidification.

With a regular consumption of products with beta alanine, it can come to the fact that in the sport substantially more repetitions are accomplished, whereby the sportsman does not come however to his limit.

Beta Alanine in combination with Carnosine

Beta alanine is especially important in sports for the formation of carnosine. The amino acid needed, Histidine, is not sufficiently provided by the human body. To avoid an undersupply, the carnosine level can be increased by the supply of high-quality beta alanine. Carnosine is basically composed of histidone and ß-alanine. Due to its composition, carnosine is called a dipeptide. At the same time, carnosine is said to function as an acid buffer, which has the effect of delaying muscle overload. Carnosine is found in muscle tissue as well as in brain tissue.

Especially vegetarians often suffer from a carnosine deficiency, as it is found directly in the muscle meat. However, a sufficient supply can be ensured with preparations that contain, for example, a combination of carnosine and beta alanine.

Especially for vegetarians and vegans, a change in diet can hardly have any effect. However, attention should be paid to high-quality supplements in any case, here beta alanine is a welcome supplement.

The combination with creatine makes beta alanine even more powerful

A sensible combination of beta alanine is calcium and creatine. Creatine is particularly useful when physical performance is to be increased during high-speed strength training in the context of short-term strenuous physical activity. This is achieved when three grams of creatine are ingested daily. For muscle building training, many athletes prefer the combination of creatine and beta alanine.

The ß-alanines are also a component of the dipeptide carnosine. This is present in a very high concentration in muscle tissue. Here, the pH value is also crucial. During intensive sporting activities, the pH value automatically drops. This also slows down the calcium inflow into the cells.

The components carnosine and calcium are directly related. Calcium is not only needed for the maintenance of teeth and bones, but also supports the function of cell division and cell specialization. Whether strength athlete or endurance athlete - a sufficient supply of calcium as well as creatine in combination with beta alanine is a basic requirement for perfect results, which are visible especially after a short time.

This can increase motivation and the training is taken up with more courage and strength and energy.

Beta Alanine as a pre-workout product

For a good pre-workout, beta alanine has become a standard. For a special boost during a short to medium-length muscle load, beta alanine is used as a Supplement probably the most popular support. Particularly great effects can be achieved with it. It is particularly effective for exercises that are intense and last longer than one minute. With a shorter load, an effect is still noticeable, but not so pronounced. After taking beta alanine is a particularly acute effect perceived, just as Pre-Workout-It is therefore predestined for use as a product.

Taken over a longer period of time, it has a positive effect on the muscle carnosine values. To achieve perfect results and to experience the full effect of beta alanine, this dietary supplement should be on the diet plan permanently, daily and over a longer period of time.

However, it should be seen as a supplement and not as a substitute for a healthy food intake, which should also be varied. This can not be replaced by dietary supplements.

Beta Alanine offers a great effect - physically and mentally

Besides BCAA and creatine, beta alanine is probably the most popular dietary supplement in the martial arts scene as well as in the bodybuilding scene. This is mainly due to the fact that in natural foods the proportion of ß-alanine hardly occurs. The amino acid is converted into carnosine immediately after ingestion. The most natural sources of carnosine are turkey meat, chicken meat and fish. In the muscles, the dosage of beta alanine causes a strong sensation of heat and a tingling sensation. About 30 to 60 minutes after ingestion, these signs can be felt.

There are slight side effects with beta alanine, but these are completely harmless. This effect is caused by the release of carnosine. If there is excess carnosine in the body, it is stored in the muscle fibers. If an optimal muscle carnosine value is reached by a regular intake of beta alanine, this will only be reduced by 2 % when discontinuing it in two weeks.

So it is quite possible to take a break from taking beta alanine and still not have to change your training schedule.

The intake of beta alanine

However, the consumption recommendations of the respective manufacturers should be strictly adhered to. On the other hand, it is not known that there are dangerous side effects from beta alanine. Before beta alanine is taken by people who have metabolic diseases or metabolic disorders, should definitely seek professional advice beforehand. This can be a sports physician, a possibly treating doctor or also, if available, the trainer.

Basically, the intake of beta alanine is not afflicted with any negative side effects. The tingling also causes not only that the ingredients unfold, but at the same time you support the athlete psychologically.

This immediately feels full of energy and is with motivation and power in his workout. This is another positive effect that is caused with beta alanine. Only those who are motivated to train can benefit from the results.