Everything on the subject of superfoods 

Everywhere you read about them and in the gym they are also on everyone's lips. The talk is of Superfood. Magazines write about it and numerous online magazines are full of it. What is this actually about? If you eat superfoods, you don't automatically turn into Superman, and no one gets muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger all by themselves.



What are superfoods?

Superfoods are those foods or herbs that promote weight loss or the Health can generally improve. Of some foods there are already studies that prove this, others were adopted from distant countries and virtually imported to Europe.

What the Japanese and South Americans have been eating for years can't be bad for us. Or can it? Below, you will learn about some superfood offerings. In addition, information about them is revealed in each case. By no means should you acknowledge these superfood products as miracle cures. Also, you should not consume them in large quantities.

With some plants it is important to read the exact package instructions. They may be healthy, but since our body is no longer accustomed to such natural food, it sometimes comes to Side effects. In case of uncertainty, always consult a doctor or a nutritionist. Superfoods are available in natural form, in tablets, capsules or powder.

Which form you prefer depends on your personal preferences. The effect is always the same.

Superfood No. 1: Avena Sativa

Avena Sativa was used hundreds of years ago and is derived from oats. It belongs to the sweet grass products and this plant is said to have healing properties. It is often taken for insomnia as well as for severe states of exhaustion. For example, those who can not get up for sports, could be helped with avena sativa get the circulation going again.

It is also suitable as a sexual enhancer and tonic. Those who need to spare their nerves and cannot do so for professional reasons, for example, are just as well served with Avena Sativa. A herbal remedy which is to be preferred to chemical medicines. Of course, it will not help with severe nervous disorders. Here, medical advice is absolutely required.

Superfood No. 2: Fenugreek

Fenugreek, better known as fenugreek in Germany, has estrogen-like active ingredients. Women who take capsules regularly can use it to boost breast enlargement naturally. The breast cells are stimulated with it and provide a natural fullness and size to the breasts. Furthermore Fenugreek used as an oxytocic to induce labor more quickly and it promotes milk production during lactation.

Women who suffer with fertility problems or PMS can also counteract with Fenugreek. Likewise, they help during menopause. In general, it is an active ingredient that was made for women.

Superfood No. 3: Maca

The Maca root intervene directly in the endocrine system and cause a higher hormone release in the adrenal gland, thyroid and pituitary gland. Who generally has problems with the metabolism or a disturbed thyroid gland, can be treated with Maca counteract

The hormonal balance is built with it and also increases the fertility of women and men. Furthermore, the root generally brings more energy and clarity, for regular endurance sports and for a fulfilled happy life. Who can not get up to sports, comes with Maca a little boost.

Superfood No. 4: Tribulus Terrestris

tribulus terrestris is not a disease or a chemical mixture. Although it sounds like it, it is a plant with a fantastic active ingredient. It can be used to treat stomach cramps, inflammation and prostate problems. It also increases potency as well as muscle strength.

That is why tribulus terrestris gladly taken by men who want to increase their testosterone levels. Again, without training, no improvement will occur, but it can achieve good effects if used repeatedly as a cure.

Superfood No. 5: Guarana

Guarana is now quite well known and is also sold in supermarkets as a Drink sold. The advantage to Guarana is its high concentration of caffeine, which is why it is often drunk as a coffee substitute. The caffeine is released more slowly and keeps the body awake longer. Those who drink guarana will feel the effect for about six hours. Where coffee has already reached its limits, guarana is still going strong.

The powder is also better for the cardiovascular system, unlike coffee, because it makes less nervous. It is also ideal for losing weight, because it can curb the feeling of hunger. Guarana is especially helpful in smoothies, mixed with berries or bananas. With it you start the day optimally and get an energy kick that lasts for a long time.

Superfood No. 6: Bitter Melon

Bitter melon is ideal for those who want to lose weight without exercise, because this Bitter Melon ensures that the body fat is broken down, especially between the organs. It virtually attacks the hidden fat and can cause it to melt. With liposuction, for example, only the upper fat is removed, which lies directly under the skin. That between the organs remains. That is why exercise or the combination with superfoods like bitter melon is so important.

Who does not take care of the hidden fat, risks stroke, high blood pressure, heart attack as well as diabetes. Who wants to renounce therefore generally from sport or must, should treat themselves to at least Smoothies with bitter melon or capsules, in order to do a favor to the own health.

Superfood No. 7: Nettle root

The Nettle root is already known for your healing effect in urinary problems longer. It also stimulates urine production and ensures that toxins are disposed of more quickly when decreased. Nettles purify the blood, stimulate hair growth and show good effects in already existing Hair loss. Already in the Middle Ages nettle root was used for numerous treatments.

Today, this root or nettle in itself, taste best in green smoothies. They are especially ideal for healthy metabolism cures and slimming diets.

Superfood No. 8: Coloured nettle

According to studies, the Variegated Nettle optimal for losing weight and even attacks those fat deposits that are generally difficult to tame. These are especially those around the abdomen and waist. Colored nettles have few side effects, but are ideal for losing body fat, so that the muscle mass remains.

Those who do less sports in between, should reach for the coloured nettle, because you can change your body mass index to the positive. The plant is said that the body switches back to a youthful fat burning. This means that the metabolism works faster and can bring great results thanks to the active ingredients.

In addition, this plant strengthens the heart and protects against stroke, thrombosis and heart attack. Cholesterol levels are also improved thanks to the coloured nettle. Thus, this plant is really a superfood, which should not be missing in any smoothie.