avena sativa

Avena Sativa - the popular homeopathic remedy in the fitness scene

The Latin name Avena Sativa refers to the "true oat" or the "oat tree".Seed Oats". Avena Sativa is a pure natural product, which is fundamentally used as a cereal. The oats offer a high nutritional value. Not only straw, but also the oat flakes, the oat groats as well as the oat flour can be obtained from this grain.

avena sativa

avena sativa

Avena Sativa is very high quality compared to wheat and is ideal for a healthy diet. But not only the "normal" diet can be upgraded with this oat flour Avena Sativa or with these oat flakes, but especially in the fitness scene Avena Sativa is increasingly used. The special feature of this oatmeal is that it is enriched with valuable B-Vitamins and vitamin E. At the same time calcium, niacin and folic acid are contained in Avena Sativa.

Avena Sativa is a versatile food, contains a large number of Carbohydrates, many essential Amino acids as well as potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper and iron. It is a health product with a long history.

The carbohydrate antei of Avena Sativa is 63 % and the protein content is 12 %. In parallel, a low fat content of just 5 %. Particularly valuable make the special form of oats the fiber it contains.

In homeopathy Avena Sativa is very popular

Those who do not want to consume Avena Sativa pure can also opt for a so-called testosterone booster, which contains valuable extracts of this grain. Basically, however, Avena Sativa is used as a homeopathic remedy. However, many people are not enthusiastic about homeopathy and it is quite true that not all homeopathic remedies necessarily help.

However, there are no side effects to worry about if you choose the right one and use it appropriately. So it can not do any harm even if it is taken in larger quantities.

Avena Sativa offers many different application possibilities

It generally helps to restore weakness as well as loss of energy, for example, after surviving a cold. Many homeopaths therefore prescribe Avena Sativa in its mother tincture. Already after a few days less exhaustion, better sleep, more energy as well as an increase in libido can be noticed.

This agent has a very stimulating effect on the nervous system and is therefore also used in the sports scene as a strengthening agent. Here especially in the regeneration phase, because exhaustion as well as insomnia should be fought positively with Avena Sativa.

The different uses of Avena Sativa

Generally, Avena Sativa is used for the recovery of the body. It can help at the same time with stomach upsets, with constipation or also with a low appetite and provides an improved balance in case of overexertion. Diabetics are certainly familiar with Avena Sativa as a homeopathic remedy, as it is used for diabetes mellitus. As a food, oat flakes or oat flour are used as a healthy food source with a particularly good carbohydrate content. They provide the body with many important nutrients and vitamins and are suitable for mass building.

The oat plant itself is particularly rich in essential as well as semi-essential amino acids such as Leucine, valine, Isoleucine and BCAA. The ingredients of Avena Sativa vary, of course, according to the environmental conditions and cultivation technologies of the different growing regions.

What the ingredients of Avena Sativa do

For the maintenance of energy metabolism contribute niacin and vitamin B2. These ingredients also provide fatigue reduction, which leads to the fact that increased concentration can be provided. At the same time, pantotenic acid supports mental performance. Potassium is used in a good dosage and for normal muscle function or to maintain blood pressure. Magnesium is responsible for promoting healthy protein synthesis and for controlling the electrolyte balance. In the fitness and weight training industry, this seed oats as a professionalSupplement Application and also more and more amateur athletes use the nutritional supplement of Avena Sativa.

Avena Sativa is a very popular dietary supplement that can be used by women and men alike. A wide variety of supplements on the market contain Avena Sativa. These can be taken in the form of powder or caps in conjunction with liquid. Since Avena Sativa is a dietary supplement, it should be noted that a healthy and balanced diet should not be omitted. Avena Sativa is a supplement - not a substitute for a healthy diet. Everyone should be aware of this.

For more athletic performance there is Avena Sativa

Especially popular in the sports scene is the seed oats in combination with other elements. It is known that Avena Sativa can help to build more dry and defined muscle mass. Bodybuilders, whether professional or semi-professional, do not like to do without this support from Avena Sativa. When training, the individual muscles can be defined much better and appear more distinct. This is the main criterion in bodybuilding competitions and can bring victory. The defining occurs due to the fact that Avena Sativa has a draining effect on the muscle tissue.

Basically, the positive properties can be described with the particularly intense muscle definition and the release of hormones from Avena Sativa, which can noticeably increase the testosterone level. If a dietary supplement is chosen here, which is enriched with other valuable ingredients, such as Fenugreek, pumpkin seed powder or yam powder, a perfect mixture on a natural basis is created.

Especially fenugreek as well as yam powder are responsible for the hormone and the insulin secretion and therefore show an increased increase of the drive.

Avena Sativa is perfect for defined muscle building

Training can be made much harder with Avena Sativa under certain conditions, without the athlete reaching his limits. The result is particularly well-shaped muscles. To achieve a perfect muscle build, besides the training plan itself, the nutrition plan is also very important. For high effectiveness in training, saturated fatty acids are inevitable. These can be supplied with pumpkin seeds. They promote protein synthesis, fat burning, increase anabolic hormones and provide the necessary boost for building and defining muscles.

Combination products with Avena Sativa are also enriched with folic acid, which accelerates the absorption of amino acids. Due to the different vitamins contained, a perfect course of the sugar metabolism and the protein metabolism is possible even during intensive training phases as well as preparation phases. So this combination should definitely be paid attention to when buying.

Avena Sativa is a purely herbal remedy

Since Avena Sativa is a purely herbal remedy, its consumption is in no way fraught with disadvantages. Every athlete should try it at least once, even if there is an initial aversion to homeopathy. After only a short time, an improvement can be seen and the set goals can be reached much faster. Whether for strength athletes or also for athletes preparing for a competition - Avena Sativa is becoming more and more popular.

For sure Avena Sativa will support positively and at the same time still provide the important vitamins that the body needs in this time of effort. Depending on the training goal, the appropriate combination product with other valuable ingredients can be selected. Avena Sativa is an ancient remedy and is also indispensable in the modern world.