Bitter Melon

The bitter melon - a unique fruit

Muscles are handsome and are gladly seen and of course also shown. Now, every person is already equipped with muscles from birth, but these only show after an intensive training program. This can also be gladly called Muscle building designate. The Muscle building is only achieved through proper training, but can be supported quite well with certain dietary supplements. One of these means is the bitter melon, which we would now like to introduce.

The workout and nutrients in bitter melon

If you want to have strong muscles, it is not enough just to lift the weights, but there must be an interaction of many factors. For example, the factors of training and nutrients. Nutrients are particularly important for the body, because especially during intensive training the body consumes a lot of nutrients, which should be replenished on occasion.

Bitter Melon

Bitter Melon

Particularly recommended is the so-called Bitter Melon. What this is and how to use them or how the bitter melon looks, we now reveal. But first a few words, because also with us interested athletes get the bitter melon as a dietary supplement in many different products.

So read the following words very carefully, so that you too can use the power and health-promoting effect of bitter melon. If you have any questions, we are of course always at your disposal.

The bitter melon - what is it exactly?

The bitter melon is a tropical plant species that belongs to the cucurbit family. The bitter melon is also called bitter cucumber because of its appearance. Although the bitter melon belongs to the cucurbit family, it is considered a genus or species of its own.

So what is the bitter melon? Is it a vegetable or a fruit?

The bitter melon is often treated as a vegetable, especially in German cuisine. In other parts of the world, however, the bitter melon is considered a medicinal plant.

Originally, bitter melons come from the tropical and subtropical regions of the earth, i.e. Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and South America. After the effects of the bitter cucumber were learned to appreciate and this also got some followers in Germany, the pumpkin plant was also cultivated in the Netherlands.

So where did this peculiar fruit get its name?

This fruit, which is very popular with athletes and diabetics, owes its name to the bitter taste, which is mainly passed on from the pulp.

In our assortment you will find the bitter cucumber or bitter melon not in its original form, but compatible and tasty as a food supplement.

We offer the bitter melon in different types, so that you will also find the right substrates.

The appearance of bitter melon as a vegetable / fruit

At this point, let's quickly get to the appearance of bitter melon, because the exotic fruit has not only a unique taste, which we already revealed, but also a unique appearance.

The bitter melon is an annual, particularly fast-growing climbing plant. The climbing plant forms green fruits that are up to 25 cm long and up to 8 cm thick, which under normal circumstances can be processed as a vegetable. What is special is that the bitter melon can have very different appearances.

Just the individual fruits differ greatly in terms of shape, color, as well as size and also texture. The shapes of the fruits can be spindle-shaped, elongated or pointed. From time to time, a pear-shaped bitter cucumber may also appear.

How exactly can you imagine the bitter cucumber or bitter melon?

It is a fruit with wart-like growths, which has a greenish color. However, there are also fruits that look like a cucumber and are therefore often confused. Normally, the bitter melon develops from a greenish fruit to a yellow fruit. When the fruit is fully ripe, it bursts open and the inside is revealed. Normally the bitter melons are consumed in an unripe state and also in our products they are processed in a closed state.

The individual ingredients of bitter melon

The bitter melon is a plant, which is considered quite healthy. For a cucurbit, the bitter melon has unusually much vitamin C and iron. Furthermore, the bitter melon has a quite appreciable amount of calcium, carotene, as well as riboflavin and Vitamin A.
Now the bitter melon has other relevant ingredients for muscle building. A particularly high proportion of proteins, minerals and Carbohydrates.

In addition, the fruit has a very low content of Fat. Thus, bitter melon provides all the essential ingredients for a good foundation for any workout. For this reason, it is little wonder that it is very popular among athletes.

Are there any side effects to taking bitter melon?

Whether bitter melon has any effect on the human body is currently unknown. However, the bitter cucumber seems from the numerous Vitamins and nutrients to optimally replenish the reserves in the body after an intense workout. Now it could well come to side effects, these relate according to assumptions to headaches.
Those who consume the products with bitter melon, it is important to pay attention to their intake and in any case do not exceed the recommended amounts, besides, it is recommended to drink plenty of water.

We also point out with our products not to exceed the recommended quantity.

Is bitter melon a medicine or a food supplement?

For a long time, products made with bitter melon were declared as medicines. Now, however, it is a dietary supplement, which is also available in our online shop in different quantities.

Since 1 September 2004, it has been known that bitter melon and the products derived from it are a food supplement. Bitter melon is also found in our products and is used with pleasure. We would like to point out that it is a food supplement.

It is therefore important to ensure a healthy and balanced diet, especially when building muscle. We pay special attention to our products that all raw materials used have a high-quality origin and are processed in a high-quality manner. In addition, you should eat a fundamentally healthy diet.

Take a look around our range and start your training with the high-quality products from our range. We would also be happy to advise you again comprehensively about bitter melon - just ask us your question via mail or phone.