Sports drinks

Sports drinks a must for every athlete

Sports drinks  there are many on the market, but you should not confuse them with shakes. A drink is usually a liquid that you take during your workout. Instead of water, you reach for the sports drink and ensure that you get a lot of energy during the workout and can continue full of vigor. This is the most basic difference.

Sports drinks

Sports drinks

Shakes are usually taken before or after training and the sports drinks serve as support on the spot. IronMaxx drinks are especially popular for jogging, cycling or strength training. With us you will find drinks that provide more power during training and bring a taste experience that can be seen. Just try it out and see for yourself. The time of boring water is finally over.

Sports drinks unfortunately do not always have few calories

Sports drinks have basically the task of the training or the everyday life with Vitamins to support. Therefore, these usually have few calories. On a 100 ml drink come in about 1 KCAL. Therefore, the drinks are ideal as a water substitute. You will be optimally supplied with nutrients during your workout, Minerals and Vitamins supplied.

This means you not only get more energy for the Sportsbut will generally walk through life more successfully. When your body has enough Vitamins you are generally more concentrated and perform better during the day. For this reason, one wonders what the sports drinks actually contain and what these ingredients really do.

Sports drinks usually contain the following components:


  • Against Fatigue
  • Regenerates the energy metabolism

vitamin B6

  • Helps the energy metabolism
  • Also reduces fatigue
  • Maintains the protein balance

Vitamin B1:

  • Drives the energy metabolism

Vitamin B12:

  • Good for the energy metabolism
  • Reduces fatigue

That was the basic information about vitamins. A vitamin deficiency usually entails other things instead of just fatigue and a broken metabolism. A sports drink cannot completely replenish the reserves in case of a vitamin deficiency because it is primarily used as a supplement during exercise. During exercise, energy reserves are tapped, so it is important to replenish the body with nutrients at the same time. If you suffer from a vitamin deficiency, you should definitely consult a doctor who will prescribe you the right preparations.

How are sports drinks taken?

It depends on which product you choose. There are ready-made drinks as well as syrup, which you have to prepare first. Here you rely on about 15 ml of concentrate per serving. You will achieve the best effect if you take between one and four servings per day. If you are doing a lot of physical exertion, the higher amount is certainly an advantage. If you train, drink a drink a few hours before, during and after the training. Then your stores will soon be replenished.

For whom are sports drinks suitable?

Sports drinks are virtually for all who are actively moving. In addition, you can also drink the drink on strenuous days. Be it during a renovation or in a strenuous job where you move a lot. You will see that the vitamin boost will give you energy faster than some unhealthy sugar drinks. Sports drinks have the advantage that they work slowly, but in the long term.

When you drink a soft drink, you usually get the energy kick quickly, but after only a few hours your body wants sugar again because the blood sugar level drops. Through special sports drinks and shakes this remains constant. Therefore, you feel generally fitter and stay focused throughout the day.

Do sports drinks help you lose weight?

Miracle cures are sports drinks just as little as Protein Shakes. Many people believe that they only need to take a drink and the pounds will fall. That is why some think that they would not be successful. Who wants to lose weight successfully, needs different factors that it really works. Every person is different, every organism works in its own way. While some can lose weight easily, others find it difficult. Sports drinks support training, but do not make it indispensable. On the contrary, those who consume sports drinks often have more power and can get even more out of themselves. That is the real purpose of these products.

They support the sport, they help that the muscles regenerate faster or grow. They give strength for more endurance and performance. Those who do not do sports or generally move little, will not see any changes with a sports drink. Therefore, one rule always applies here, no pain, no gain. There is nothing the best product in the world can do about it, without discipline it doesn't work. The best combination is sport and healthy food.

Only those who take the necessary nutrients will benefit from it. If it does not work out individually, because of thyroid problems or metabolic fluctuations, only a doctor can help. The answer is generally yes, sports drinks can help if the framework conditions are right and sports are truly practiced.

Are there any side effects to sports drinks?

Bad side effects are not known with sports drinks. It can always happen that one reacts allergic to the ingredients. But healthy people rarely suffer from side effects. It is only important that you stick to the exact daily ration. You should not take more than four drinks a day, as this could lead to diarrhoea. Especially in the beginning, when the body first has to get used to the nutrient intake. However, this usually subsides. Therefore, you can rely on sports drinks without hesitation.

Our conclusion on sports drinks:

Sports drinks are, as the name suggests, the ideal drinks for sports. Whether endurance, fitness training or during physical exertion. With the sports drinks, everyday life usually becomes a lot easier. The vitamins and nutrients ensure that you get more strength and stamina, thus it will be easier for you to do sports regularly. Drinking is important during exercise anyway, with a sports drink your body benefits double and triple.

Look forward to delicious flavors and a drink that can not only help, but also tastes good. This makes it easier to stick to a diet and sports will be a lot easier for you in the end.