Guarana - pure energy for tired bones

The FatigueWho hasn't experienced it: it comes over you suddenly after a long day at work, when it's dreary and cold outside, or when you've hardly slept a wink at night. This phenomenon is human nature and usually comes when you actually still have something to do.

Many of us then reach for a delicious cup of coffee. But there is another alternative that quickly makes tired people perk up and perform better - the Guarana Plant.

What is Guarana?

The guarana plant is a liana with red fruits, which belongs to the soap tree family and which has its origin in the vastness of the Brazilian jungle around the Amazon. Here, the indigenous people of the Amazon already knew how to appreciate the stimulating effect of Guarana. In addition to increased performance and stamina, they also used the plant against feverish colds.

The red guarana fruits as a basis for the stimulant

The red fruits of the guarana are a true marvel of rich and healthy ingredients. Besides Taurine, saponins, starch, catechin and minerals, these caffeine bombs also contain plenty of healthy fatty acids and protein. This not only ensures better performance and concentration, but also promotes a healthy metabolism and keeps the circulation fit. In addition to the many healthy ingredients, guarana has several other special features to offer compared to regular coffee.

This plant Guarana contains five times more caffeine than an ordinary coffee bean. This brings her to times also the name caffeine liana. In addition, it also seems to have a depot effect. While coffee makes you feel alert right away and quickly loses its performance, guarana distributes the amount of caffeine evenly throughout the day.

Guarana - the medicinal plant of the Indian natives

The seeds of the guarana plant are still known and popular among the indigenous peoples and Indian tribes around the Amazon in Brazil. These grind the seeds to use the guarana plant and mix them with a little water to powder.

In addition to its use as a performance-enhancing agent and energy supplier during long excursions, the Amazonians have also made use of this plant for colds and for the daily care of the body. Here, many swear that the guarana plant helps to prevent the skin from aging so quickly.

Guarana is very beneficial for concentration

Everyone knows it from school, university or work. Every now and then long exams, examinations or lectures occur here, which demand an enormously high degree of attention. Who wants to keep up well here, which should get once from the pharmacy or even the health food store Guarana tea or a pack of Guarana capsules. In addition to increased performance, guarana is also said to have a very good influence on concentration and thus also on thinking ability.

Guarana is well suited for sports competitions

Whether bodybuilders or marathon runners, there are many sports in which athletes try to lose as much body fat mass as possible during training in order to convert it into a Muscle mass convert. Especially when a competition is coming up, there are many athletes who try to get into top shape by dieting and the like. The guarana seed can also be a good help for this. With the right mix of numerous ingredients, guarana can further help you feel less hungry during workouts. This in turn can be conducive to more muscle mass.

In addition, it also happens that less thirst is felt. Here, however, every athlete should still make sure to drink enough so that the circulation does not get into trouble. Especially when the exerciser has no thirst at all.

Athletes who use guarana before a competition for more performance, stamina and Muscle building want to sensibly incorporate into their diet and training plan, should consider a guarana Supplement use. This can be tailored dosage depending on age, gender and physical fitness, which of course also increases the promotion as an energy supplier.

Guarana comes in many forms

Guarana as an effective pick-me-up and performance-enhancing energy supplier is available in numerous variants. Besides the already mentioned powder, the seeds are also available in the form of tea or capsules to take. If you don't think much of tablets and tea or only want to use Guarana occasionally, you can also use energy drinks with Guarana. Antarctica, Kuat or Kicos are particularly well known.

For some time now, many food manufacturers have started to offer extracts of the guarana plant as a chocolate variant, gummy bears or even chewing gum. Here you should simply look for the reference Guarana in the ingredients.

Guaranà fruit

Guaranà fruit

The correct dosage of guarana

Guarana can be a real alternative to conventional coffee, if it is dosed correctly. However, exactly therein lies a small problem. Since guarana, for example, in the form of powder is quite difficult to dose. As a rule of thumb for coffee drinkers, a quantity of 50 mg to 200 mg of caffeine is generally equivalent to one to four cups of coffee a day.

If this rule of thumb is applied to guarana coffee, no more than 3 grams of guarana should be used. This results in about 150 mg of caffeine, which corresponds to about the amount of three cups of coffee.

The side effects of guarana

Like any other drug that gives the body new energy and performance, guarana can also have side effects. These come about mainly when you indulge in a little too much of it. It can happen that you get dizzy, tremble all over your body, become restless or roll around in bed at night. In addition, diarrhea or even a faster frequency of the heartbeat can be the result. It can also happen that headaches occur.

Even though an overdose can upset the physical balance, there is still something positive to say about guarana. In contrast to conventional coffee, where an irritated stomach lining can be the consequence as a side effect, this is excluded with Guarana. So even people who have a sensitive stomach can use guarana without hesitation for a good start to the day.

Ask your doctor before taking Guarana

However, before side effects can occur at all, one should usually ask the family doctor before consuming guarana in any case. Women who are expecting a child or are breastfeeding should avoid Guarana altogether. The same applies if you have an overactive thyroid or high blood pressure.