Nettle root

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Sport is healthy, we certainly don't need to discuss that anymore. Nevertheless you need as Sportsman a healthy and balanced diet, as well as a precise daily routine. All requirements that a successful athlete must have. But especially the diet demands a lot from an athlete, because it should not only be balanced, but it should also contain all the important ingredients that the body needs to replenish the depleted reserves.

However, this is not always possible. In this case, the dietary supplements come into play and here you also hear more and more often in the gym from the nettle root. But is it really as effective as is always claimed and what does it actually do? We have dealt with it.

Nettle root

Nettle root

What are the benefits of supplements based around nettle root?

Dietary supplements have numerous advantages, which should not be underestimated in any case. Especially vegetarians but also athletes have an advantage in the use of dietary supplements. On the one hand, the dietary supplements not only replenish necessary reserves, but they are also often easy to take and only in rare cases have Side effects. Stinging nettle root is especially popular among dietary supplements.

The stinging nettle root is a component of the stinging nettle, of which one can also use the root in addition to the leaves. Especially the stinging nettle root is said to have numerous positive effects.

The ingredients of the stinging nettle root

The root can be easily harvested when pulling out the stinging nettle. It contains numerous ingredients, including polysaccharides, sitosterol glucoside, scopoletin, sitosterol, lectin, lignans, ceramides, monoterpendiols, glucosides as well as tannins and Fatty acids. All these ingredients can have a positive effect on the human organism, if you take the necessary supplements.

The effect of the stinging nettle root briefly and concisely explained

In the medical science one can read about numerous effects of the stinging nettle root and more and more physicians try to apply this natural medicine to patients. The effects, which are said to the plant and its components, are not completely clarified, which is why one can only assume that the stinging nettle root is also helpful for numerous diseases.

In the sporting field, the nettle root is popular mainly because of the numerous ingredients, because it thus covers a wide range of needs of the active athlete.

How to process the nettle root?

Nettle root should not be consumed raw, because if you think about the touch of the stinging nettle, the experience can be quite painful. But if you use the root in a processed state, then it can have really beneficial properties.

Normally, the nettle root is processed as a tea, but in the field of nutritional supplements, the nettle root can also be used in powder form.

We have the stinging nettle root available in a practical capsule form - for us the easiest and most effective way to take the active ingredients of the stinging nettle root. Take a look at the intake and use the practical capsules to do something good for your body.

The stinging nettle root use correctly

Nettle herb can have anti-inflammatory, but also diuretic effects. In many treatments and especially for rheumatic complaints and also for arthrosis, the plant is used extensively. In the human organism nettle can be used for the treatment of inflammatory diseases.

But nettle can also be used in other forms of therapy. Stinging nettle root is used for urination problems (micturition problems) due to benign enlargement of the prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia, BPH). In the field of sports, stinging nettle can be used mainly because of the many ingredients, because most of the ingredients contained in a root can have a positive effect on the Muscle building have an effect. However, to achieve the effects more accurately, you should take care of the intake comprehensively.

The quantity to be taken is indicated on all our products, so that you can take into account the intake very precisely. We would like to point out that food supplements are not intended to completely replace food, but only to supplement a balanced and healthy diet. A balanced diet always provides the basis for the effective and sensible use of dietary supplements.

Who is the dietary supplement for?

It is intended primarily for athletes. Because athletes in particular have an increased need for important substances, because the physical exertion is not only Vitamins used up, but also Amino acids and other important components. In order to supply these to the body again in a large measure, you should remember to take in the most important components through food or, if that is not sufficient, to supply them through dietary supplements. But also other groups of people such as pregnant women or people on a diet can benefit from the respective components.

The side effects of nettle root

Since nettle root is a very natural preparation, side effects are almost impossible. However, in a very few cases, the body may react differently to the remedy. In such a case, gastrointestinal complaints as well as nausea, heartburn, diarrhea, bloating and flatulence are known, but also considered the worst side effects.

Before you start taking the supplements, you should make sure that you are not allergic to the nettles, because this can lead to adverse allergic reactions. It is best to ask a doctor before taking them.

We can only recommend our dietary supplements to you, because it is a balanced composition of different areas, which can achieve a good and at the same time meaningful effect especially in muscle building. Use our expertise and let us advise you once again on the nettle root. We certainly have other important substances and substances for you on offer.

Just contact us about your concern, whether it's weight gain, dieting, or general weight training. We will take care of your concern and find the product that perfectly supports you in your training cycle.