Maca - natural anabolic and alternative to Viagra

Already for centuries Maca known as a potency enhancing and stimulating plant. Maca is a stimulating Peruvian root that relates to libido as well as hormone metabolism. The interest in this plant has not stopped since its discovery and, moreover, continues to increase. Moreover, the properties refer to the vitalizing substances. These can wonderfully intercept the stress hormones in a body. Also contained are so-called secondary plant substances, such as flavonoids, alkaloids, glycosinolates, phenolic compounds, saponins and pholopids.



The contained polyphenols get the blood circulation going and improve the blood flow. Therefore, Maca is particularly interesting for men with erection problems. It demonstrably increases the libido, has a positive effect on sexual performance and also improves fertility. Sexually stimulating here are the isothiocyanates with aphrodisiac effect.

But the polyphenols can do even more, namely they protect the cells from oxidative stress. By reducing the stress directly in the vessels, the nitrogen monoxide load improves. This in turn has a particular effect on the health of the cells. The daily environmental stresses to which everyone is exposed can be countered with Maca. Smoking, psychological and physical stress also give rise to free radicals.

These are responsible for faster cell aging and even cell destruction. With Maca, these radicals are intercepted, muscle damage is minimized and the immune system is noticeably strengthened.

A natural power for every body with Maca

Furthermore contained in this root is the important Vitamin C. This is not insignificantly involved in the formation of serotonins, the happiness hormones, and dopamine. This positive influence also has an effect on sexual vitality. Dopamine fundamentally increases the drive and serotonin has a lasting effect against sleep disorders and depression. But not only people who have potency problems swear by Maca, but of course also strength athletes and bodybuilders.

The promotion of blood circulation ensures that the cells are supplied with more nutrients. Thus, a particularly high power output of the muscles is present. The natural proportion of steroids causes a bodybuilder to supply himself with "anabolic steroids" in a completely natural and legal way.

Maca has its origin in the Andes and was already very popular with the Mayas.

Maca is an incredibly resilient plant and is found exclusively in the Andes. At an altitude of about 4000 meters, the plant thrives particularly well. The indigenous peoples, the Maya and the Incas, have adapted to the South American continent.

Difficult living conditions, circumstantial living conditions as well as low oxygen and thin desire and also the barren soil brought them to cultivate maca. The effect was already known. The above-ground part of the plant was popular as a delicious vegetable. However, the strengthening power and the healing power are in the roots.

The many ingredients contained in the root were gradually discovered. Nowadays offered preparations consist mostly of the tuber and so the nutrients can be supplied particularly gently to the body.

A root with a mix of ingredients

First of all, it should be noted that Maca is particularly pure and highly concentrated. Proteins contains as well as all essential Amino acids. Furthermore, zinc, iron, magnesium and calcium can be found in it. Carbohydrates, starch, phosphorus, many important minerals, all vitamins and they hormone-like substances make maca a multi-talent in terms of physical health. From the inside the body is strengthened and even after particularly difficult and hard times can be a Regeneration be done with Maca. Not only mental performance is increased, but it is extremely helpful in stressful situations.

The defenses are strengthened with the cocktail of contained Vitamins. Maca is particularly interesting in the field of sports. The root helps in any training, physical effort, especially in the preparation phase for a competition. It can be achieved with Maca sporting peak performance. The Muscle building throughout the body benefits from the ingredients. Chemical preparations are no longer necessary, thus avoiding extreme side effects as well as harmful effects, for example from anabolic steroids.

However, the noticeable increase in potency and sexual power and desire is particularly interesting. In scientific studies, the effect has been proven. After a regular intake of Maca not only the sexual performance increased, but also the number of sperm. The good thing is that there are no side effects from the intake of Maca, at least no negative ones. Positive effect is fundamentally that Maca can be used as a perfect alternative to Viagra or even Levitra.

However, the effect does not occur immediately after ingestion, but it needs a certain time. Here, a regular supply is particularly important to be able to enjoy the effects to the fullest. With a longer duration of use, the blood circulation is stimulated, which has an effect on the erectile tissue. The release of more testosterone has also been proven in the studies.

The special features of Maca at a glance

Since the Maca plant grows in extremely difficult climatic conditions, it has an enormous resistance. This is evident in the ingredients and in the benefits caused by taking Maca. It is fundamentally a natural substitute for steroids in competitive athletes. It improves strength building and the Muscle growth. It generally provides the improvement of well-being. It provides hormonal balance, including menopause. It improves the regenerative capacity and the immune system.

In addition, Maca is the perfect alternative to harmful drugs, because it supports the reduction of stress and the consequences of stress. If you decide to take a dietary supplement, it not only contains a high proportion of maca root, but also proteins, many amino acids, the aforementioned minerals and vitamins, as well as starch and sugar. No animal ingredients are included, which allows consumption for vegetarians and vegans.

Maca finds its way into competitive sports

Especially in competitive sports Maca gains more and more importance. The positive influence on the hormone metabolism supports the release of testosterone. The production itself is significantly increased. This release is indispensable for muscle building and therefore Maca is often used for mass building. Overtraining often leads to a catabolic state. With Maca this can not arise in the first place, because the production of testosterone decreases again.

Every athlete should achieve a healthy supply of the body on the basis of his nutrition plan. With additional herbal elements, such as Maca, the performance can be increased and the successes become visible much faster. This not only supports the training itself, but also provides the necessary motivation.