All information about the increasingly popular ZMA

Everyday life already demands a lot from us, but more and more we come into conflict with our health. Although we actually have enough to do in everyday life, our body insists on a physical load. Many athletes can certainly sing a song about it. Now for many, not only the sporting activity is in the foreground, but the Muscle building.

Building muscle requires not only consistent training, but also a balanced diet. This also includes that the body gets enough nutrients such as zinc and ZMA.

If we now engage in physical activity, the reserves in our organism may run low more quickly. This in turn means that the reserves must be replenished quickly. This can be done on the one hand with food, on the other hand with food supplements.

But what exactly is behind ZMA and zinc?

ZMA is a dietary supplement that optimally supports the physical needs during training based on its composition. The product ZMA contains zinc, magnesium as well as vitamin B6. The term ZMA stands for, Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate and Magnesium Aspartate. This means that ZMA is composed with zinc.



Who needs ZMA?

ZMA is especially needed by athletes but also by fitness fans. Thus, the ZMA product can also be used for everyday life. Why? Every body needs zinc in a certain amount. The zinc supply in the body is consumed by processes in the organism and by physical activity. However, if this supply is not replenished, it can have consequences for the body.

Normally, you replenish the zinc supply in the body with food. However, this is often not enough. Therefore, you should ensure that your body gets enough nutrients with dietary supplements. With our ZMA products you get the opportunity to do so. We have a large selection of different products that support you in your daily training.

ZMA and the zinc in it

That zinc is important, you will certainly know. That is why all our ZMA products contain sufficient zinc. Zinc is essential for testosterone synthesis and at the same time zinc inhibits the conversion of Testosterone in the female estrogen. At the same time, zinc is a component of more than 300 enzymatic processes and significantly influences the formation of insulin. Zinc is therefore present in many areas and ZMA is integrated into many processes thanks to the zinc content.

Why do athletes need ZMA?

For an organism to remain healthy and also to be able to perform adequately, it needs more than food and water. Numerous components must be present in the food so that the body can implement its performance to the full extent. Especially athletes need a lot of nutrients, because through Switzerland and training many nutrients are lost.

Scientifically it became known that just athletes need more zinc. Basically, sport is healthy for the body, but also in a certain way stress. Through the athletic load, the human  Metabolism activated. Through heavy sweating, the body excretes more zinc. This in turn also means: the more intense the training, the more zinc is excreted.

Thereby zinc is urgently needed for Regeneration, for the cell growth, the Muscle building and wound healing. It is therefore important that the zinc balance remains in equilibrium.

Our ZMA products help you

We have specialized with our product range to help athletes to keep the budget in the body in balance, so we have among other things ZMA products in the offer, which you can use for regeneration after a long workout.

All our ZMA products are made on high quality raw materials and comply with the latest guidelines. Look around in our assortment and provide your body with sufficient nutrients in a simple way. We would also be happy to advise you again comprehensively on our ZMA products.

What happens when the body is deficient in zinc?

Basically, zinc must be ingested with food or ZMA, because the body is not able to produce zinc itself. That is why we always recommend our customers, especially when it comes to a sporting load, to use the ZMA.

If the body is not supplied with sufficient zinc, a zinc deficiency can occur. This in turn is not without consequences. If the body has too little zinc, the metabolism slows down, which in turn can lead to a weakening of the immune system. In the external appearance this leads again to dry and pale skin. But also Fatigue and loss of appetite can be used as signs.

Zinc is found in these foods

Of course, you should not make the entire need for zinc by the product ZMA.

A healthy diet is extremely important, which is why you should eat more of the following foods:

  • Liver
  • Oysters
  • Wheat bran
  • All of
  • Corn, etc.

The demand, which seems to be still open, can be effectively covered by the ZMA.