Testosterone - the male sex hormone for muscle building

The sex hormone Testosterone occurs not only in men in normally high amounts, but also women have a small part. Produced this hormone in the testes, more precisely in the Leydig cells and in small quantities in the adrenal cortices. In women, the production is still carried out in the ovaries.The functions of testosterone are known in men. On the one hand, the hormone takes care of the appearance, has a significant influence on the production of sperm and, in addition, has an anabolic effect. Artificial Testosterone is used in the bodybuilder scene as well as in the weight training scene as a doping agent. This is controversial, but ensures that much faster and better muscle mass can be built.



Testosterone can influence muscle building

When women have a too high Testosterone level have, however, this will not change the Muscle growth cranked up, but they masculinize. This is reflected in stronger body hair, a deeper voice and larger sex organs. Those who use testosterone as a doping agent must authorize illegal procurement. However, the reason for the ban lies more in the Side effects, which are caused by the intake. It can lead to external changes and is the cause of various diseases.

In men, there may be a noticeable breast formation and at the same time a reduction in the size of the testicles. Kidney damage, liver damage, heart rhythm disorders as well as arteriosclerosis can also occur. In the bodybuilding scene, the use of testosterone is widespread, among men as well as women.

Interesting facts about testosterone

Basically, testosterone is a sex hormone and it belongs to the group of androgens, i.e. steroid hormones. The hormones are made up of carbon atoms and the body produces them naturally. They have a crucial role in the metabolic process. The production as well as the release of testosterone is controlled by luteinizing hormones.

Luteinizing hormones are produced in the brain. The concentration can also be measured very easily with a blood draw. In a man, the testosterone level should be between 9.4 and 37 nanomoles per litre and in a woman a maximum of 3 nanomoles per litre.

In general, testosterone is responsible for the development of the male genitals. This affects the development and growth of the penis and scrotum. At the same time, a normal level affects sperm production.

Testosterone also influences body hair, red blood cell formation and bone metabolism. It is known to increase the libido and support the Muscle building. On the other hand, however, testosterone is also said to reinforce a certain dominance behavior and to cause aggressiveness. However, the two rather negative aspects are due to the evolution of mankind. Strong and potent men have always been considered for the preservation of the species.

Replacement therapies with testosterone

Doctors refuse to prescribe testosterone because in most cases it is not necessary. If a significant deficiency is found, so-called testosterone replacement therapies are carried out and offered. These are carried out as a long-term therapy by supplying testosterone to the body from outside. In particular, it is used in cases of significant erectile dysfunction or osteoporosis. There are many different options available, so that every man can choose the one that suits him best.

How can testosterone be administered?

Probably the oldest form of therapy is the monthly injection. An injection is administered every three to four weeks, but the results vary greatly. Furthermore, there is the gel, which is applied to the skin. When applied daily, a fairly neutral testosterone level can be observed. In addition, so-called scrotal patches are also offered. The results are very good, but the application is rather annoying. The patches have to be reapplied to the scrotum every day and removed again.

The 3-month injection is becoming increasingly popular for testosterone

The latest form of therapy with impressive results is the 3-month injection. This is administered at regular intervals. However, due to the lack of a long-term effect, it is not possible to determine whether the short-term results also last in the long term. It is assumed that due to an external supply of testosterone, the body's own production is impaired, either temporarily or permanently.

If, for example, transsexuality is determined, the therapy is also carried out. Through the supply of testosterone, masculinization takes place. The facial hair and the body hair increase rapidly. The fat distribution and the muscle structure change and also the voice pitch.

The doping agent testosterone reached negative headlines again and again lately

Many endurance athletes and bodybuilders feel that the amount of their own testosterone is not enough for their goals. They want to exceed the natural limit in order to build more muscle faster. However, the danger here is overdosing and the health damage that comes with it. The synthetic testosterones in short-chain form like propionate, in medium-chain form like enanthate and in long-chain form like buciclate are popular. Since doping with artificial testosterone is illegal, the products are usually obtained on the black market. Here, however, impurities have repeatedly been found that have led to irreparable liver damage.

The side effects of synthetic testosterone include heart muscle damage, blood clotting disorders, vascular wall deposits, increased cholesterol levels, risk of thrombosis, water retention in the tissues, enlargement of the sebaceous glands, fluctuations in sensation, minimized memory or even reduction in the size of the testicles and sperm count.

The natural increase of the testosterone level

In a completely legal way and without any side effects, the testosterone level can be raised. First of all, a balanced and varied diet is important and also weight training, because this promotes the production of testosterone. The more muscle groups are addressed, the better the values.

It can of course also Food supplements as well as special sports nutrition can be used for the increase, but without sports it is not possible. According to current findings, testosterone has been chosen as an anti-aging agent. The hormone is known, when present in sufficient quantity, to increase physical as well as mental performance.

What are the benefits of testosterone?

At the same time, it also improves the appearance of the skin and bone density. With an adequate production of testosterone and a relatively stable level, the water retention can be used to compensate for any existing wrinkles. This happens automatically in the body and an external supply is not necessary.

If you think that your body is not producing enough testosterone, you should first talk to a specialist about this issue. This can determine by means of examinations whether this is actually the case.

If a genetic testosterone deficiency is diagnosed, the measures described above can be used. However, these only serve to eliminate the deficiency, not to build muscle. Those who want to support this with testosterone should stick to the natural increase of the testosterone level.