Soy Protein

Interesting facts about soy protein

The Soy Protein is especially popular with vegan athletes because they also get the proteins that make the Muscle building support and no animal suffers. The question is justified. Can Soy displace all other protein products from the market? Is it now possible to rely completely on the soy plant? Even as a non-vegan? Like everywhere, there are advantages and disadvantages with regard to soy protein. We clarify.

Soy Protein

Soy Protein

What is a soy protein?

It is a vegetable protein, which comes from the soy plant. This grows mainly in Asia, but is also already cultivated in this country. Before soy can be safely consumed by humans, it must undergo various filtration processes. Otherwise the organism cannot use it. In any case, the soy contains Egg white all nine Amino acids, which are important for the human body.

The organism cannot produce these itself, so they must be ingested either through food or protein shakes. Since the molecular structure is similar to the short Whey protein, it is the ideal substitute for all those who want to rely on vegetable protein. Especially for vegetarians and vegans ideally suited.

The biological value of soy proteins

If you stick to the biological value, you will do quite well with soy protein. It has a valence of about 80 %. There are disadvantages in the digestibility. This is with 60% but a lot worse than the casein, which is about 90%.

This may not be a big disadvantage now. However, those who generally pay attention to these details may find limitations here that would be better covered with other proteins.

Why are soy proteins ideal for muscle building?

  • The Glutamine content is higher than with Whey
  • It contains hardly any fat and sugar
  • It contains a lot of essential amino acids
  • Gluten free
  • No lactose

Since it is a vegetable protein, soy is especially suitable for those people who do not eat meat. Not only veggies benefit from it, but also those who are not allowed to eat dairy products. Furthermore, it is gluten-free and contains hardly any sugar and fat.

From the perspective, it is truly a healthy drink that is ideal for weight loss. It brings a lot of energy, but does not make you fat, because it contains hardly any fats.

Are testosterone levels affected by soy proteins?

Many athletes do not rely on soy proteins because they believe that the Testosterone is thereby degraded. The objection is understandable, the hormone is finally used for the Muscle growth and needed for oxygen processing. Now, the intake of soy proteins would hardly bring anything if it in turn weakens the muscle growth in the end.

It is true that soy contains a bitter and coloring agent called isoflavones. This belongs to the phytoestrogens. These really lower testosterone levels when taken frequently. This has already been confirmed in studies.

With a soy isolate product, the amount of phytoestrogens is so low that they hardly affect the body's own hormones in the area. The important thing here is that you reach for a product that is made from either soy meal or soy flour. Here, it is the carbohydrate components that virtually isolate these estrogens. If the manufacturing process is unknown, you cannot rule out the possibility that testosterone levels will be affected.

Less water retention due to soy proteins

Another advantage of soy protein is that less water is stored in the muscle cells due to the lack of lactose. Therefore, these products are consumed especially before competitions to achieve a certain weight.

In addition, many products contain the amino acid Glutaminewhich in turn ensures that the muscles regenerate faster after training. Thus, soy protein is ideal before and after strenuous exercise, because it helps wonderfully in both cases.

For whom is the soy protein suitable?

This protein is actually tolerated by almost all athletes, male or female, of any age. Pregnant women should ask a doctor in advance if soy is the ideal form of supplementation. Healthy people rarely complain of problems with soy protein. Since this protein can boost fat burning and in many cases make for harder muscles, this is obviously an ideal supplement for any workout. Whether as diet support or Masseaufbau - you can hardly go wrong with soy.

Soy products are also especially gentle for those who suffer from pimples or water retention. Other protein shakes usually promote this, so soy is in this case the gentle way to get a defined body. Furthermore, soy milk is considered extremely alkaline.

If you want to deacidify, go for soy products instead of milk. This in turn promotes weight loss. Those who have an over-acidified body usually find it more difficult because the metabolism no longer functions as it should.

Are there any side effects to soy protein?

The soy protein products bring few side effects. Those who are allergic to soy should of course stay away from it. Generally, soy is said to lower testosterone levels as mentioned. Therefore, when buying soy protein, you should definitely pay attention to which manufacturing process was carried out. If this is unknown, better keep your distance from the respective products or have it confirmed.

As with any protein, you should not overdo the intake, because otherwise it goes on the kidneys. In general, if you take a lot of protein, you should drink even more. In the end, you protect the kidneys and ensure that your body optimally purifies. Drinking is always good and should be the first priority, especially during sports.

Our conclusion on soy protein

Soy protein is the ideal alternative to the many other protein products available on the market. The biggest advantage is that they are vegetable proteins. Vegans and vegetarians do not have to give up their protein shakes because of this. Likewise, these shakes and products are lactose-free.

Those who cannot tolerate dairy products also benefit from soy proteins. Just make sure that you buy quality products, where you can see in advance which manufacturing process has been carried out. Then it is ensured that it does not attack the testosterone level.

After all, you want to build muscle and not make sure that the muscle strength says goodbye. Discover the great products and you can soon start fit in everyday life. Just take a look around in our online shop. If you have any questions, we are always available and happy to answer them.