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Proteins are important nutrients that come from twenty different Amino acids amino acids. 11 of them are produced directly by our body, the remaining 9 amino acids must be taken in through food. Foods such as fish, meat, mushrooms, nuts, etc. are particularly suitable for this purpose.

Additionally, you can take protein supplements to increase your intake. Proteins are also Proteins called and there are different types. For example, whey protein, vegetable protein, milk protein, soy protein etc.

ESN Protein also protein

ESN Protein also protein

Proteins can help with weight loss, they promote the Muscle building and are also taken as a source of energy. Egg white is a fuel of many processes in the body and also helps the muscle to regenerate.

What is the benefit of protein in muscle building?

Our body needs different substances to function optimally. Like a car that needs fuel, coolant and co. Fats and carbohydrates mainly provide energy. Proteins, on the other hand, are the components that make the muscle grow. The so-called macromolecules not only help to build muscle, but also to maintain it.

People who train a lot usually need more protein than non-athletic people. A sufficient daily protein intake via food is recommended. Food supplements alone are not recommended. They are only ever considered a supplement and are ideal on busy days or during hard workouts. Many believe that protein alone will make muscles grow. This is not the case. Only those who train hard transport the building materials to where they are needed.

If you don't do any sport, you leave the packages in the entrance hall, so to speak, and you shouldn't be surprised if nothing changes in your muscles.

How is protein utilized in the body?

When it comes to proteins from food, they are not digested immediately. Protein is always utilized gradually. Therefore, natural proteins are always to be preferred, the body can use them naturally and gets them gradually when they are needed.

With protein shakes, it depends on the type of shake. Here there are different proteins that work differently. Some give strength immediately, while others set themselves free throughout the day. This is especially the case with the multi-component proteins.

How much protein should you eat per day?

The German Nutrition Society says that people need 0.8g per body weight of protein per day. This means that if you weigh 80 kg, you should eat about 64 g of protein per day. However, there are researchers who believe that this value is too low, others speak of 0.93 g per body weight.

The amount of each meal is important. The body can generally use food better if you always include 25-30 g of protein. If you can listen to your body well, you can often feel when a protein deficiency occurs. For example, if you suddenly have a craving for eggs or meat. Paying attention to your own body feeling usually brings more than any statistics, because every person is different. It is only important that you do not overdo it, because the kidneys cannot break down too much protein properly.

What happens when you eat too much protein?

Protein has various functions in the body. First and foremost, it serves as a building material for muscle building. If this is no longer needed, the proteins turn into energy suppliers. This means, firstly, that you can gain weight from protein, and the nitrogen contained in protein puts a strain on the kidneys. Protein is in fact excreted via the kidneys. If this is no longer properly possible, the entire organism suffers.

When should you eat protein? Before or after a workout?

Protein powders come in different varieties. Pay attention to what is written on the packaging or what the product description says. There are products that are optimal before the workout and those that are drunk afterwards. Before the workout protein is not absolutely necessary, it supports, but it also works without.

After that, it is more important that the muscles can regenerate better. The building materials are virtually transported into the growing muscle and then installed when you rest. That is why it is recommended to go to the sauna or rest in the relaxation room after a hard workout. Sufficient sleep is also very important.

Should protein be supplemented in addition to the diet?

Those who eat a balanced diet usually do not need any additional products. But our modern lifestyle doesn't exactly make it easy to get the amount you need. For example, if you work a lot and hardly have any breaks, you won't be able to fry up a steak at work all the time. A salad in between is healthy, but probably not really enough. That's why protein shakes are really helpful and supportive for such moments.

Little effect will achieve the shakes, if you generally eat poorly. A change of diet should be in any case, because only so the body functions properly and the metabolism comes back in order. Basically, therefore, always eat a little more consciously and only then access the protein shakes.

What should you dissolve protein in powder form?

On the packages it usually says that you should dissolve the powder in milk. Better leave this and use only water or whey. If you use milk, the process of the effect slows down and in addition, milk is not well tolerated by many. After all, you want to do something good for the body, so it makes sense to do without some products.

Water will do, it's just important that you choose a shake that you really like. You should also use a good blender for this. In pure water, the powder does not dissolve so quickly. With a shaker or blender it becomes nice and creamy.

What protein "types" are there?

Vegetable proteinsThey have a lower biological value, but they stimulate the organism and have almost the same effect when combined with different vegetable proteins.

Animal proteinsThese are obtained from milk and meat products. They contain high-quality proteins and support the complete body positively. From milk, for example, the casein milk protein and whey protein is formed. The latter is mainly labeled as Whey.

The disadvantage of casein is that milk lingers in the stomach for a long time. That's why Whey is the most recommended animal protein. It is better tolerated and works after about an hour, the amino acids work faster and therefore it is ideal as a shake after training.

Soy protein: Has its advantages, but when consumed too regularly in large quantities also negative properties. For example, it is said to negatively affect fertility and lower potency. From the absorption rate it is about between Whey and casein. In any case, it is an optimal alternative for vegans.

Egg whites: This contains a high amount of amino acids L-cysteine and L-Methionine. This protein is mostly mixed into the products as an additive to improve the amino acid ratio.

Are protein shakes also suitable for women?

Of course, both men and women can eat protein shakes without any problems. Many are afraid that if you drink such shakes, you will immediately grow muscles. Of course, this is just a fairy tale. It always depends on the strength training itself. A drink alone can not change anything here.

If you want to lose weight, you should rather make sure that the protein product does not contain too many carbohydrates. There are many products that are enriched with a lot of sugar and this of course does not bring any diet effects. Also keep in mind that soy protein can affect fertility.

If you are trying to get pregnant at the moment, this protein would be rather the wrong choice. Multicomponent proteins are best, a mixture of all, where the building materials work and do their job throughout the day.

What kind of "protein shake" saturates the best?

If you want to feel full, you should go for milk protein. This is because it lies in the stomach for a few hours before it breaks down. Only then it arrives in the muscle cells and achieves its effect. For a quick regeneration and support of muscle building you rather rely on Whey proteins.

Milk protein supports the body for up to 5 hours and of course this has its benefits. Since some react to it with fatigue, it is especially recommended before going to bed. The body can increase best at night and gets the most important proteins directly delivered.

Are there protein shakes that are suitable for low carb?

Of course, there are some products that contain hardly any carbohydrates. As with all foods, you should study the packaging carefully or read the product description. Some products contain proteins because there are people who need to gain weight or generally have a good metabolism. Others, on the other hand, want to do without proteins. Therefore, there is only one option here, that you study the nutrient tables and thus find the right products for you. Remember: sugar substitutes are not really healthy either. Instead of any substitutes, better take a product with few carbohydrates. After all, a little sugar does no harm. It's better to limit yourself in your everyday life, cook your food fresh and avoid ready-made products. Sugar is often hidden there. Even in places where you would not think it possible. Take a closer look at the information on the packaging, because trust is good, control is better.

Which protein is the "easiest" for the body to absorb?

Whey protein is probably the best because it unfolds and breaks down quickly. It is completely free of carbohydrates, fat and lactose. Whey is well tolerated, but it is still important that you go for quality products. There are cheap products that mix Whey with potato protein or wheat. Make sure you avoid such proteins, because you are not doing your stomach and intestines any good.

Generally speaking, you should pay attention to a healthy diet. If you eat poorly, even the best protein is not transported optimally. Your metabolism and organism must already function in order to bring the building materials to where they are needed.

Which protein has the highest biological value?

The worst protein is collagenous, here the value is about 20, followed by Soy Protein with bw = 47, casein bw = 77, chicken protein bw = 88, whey protein bw = 103 and multiple component proteins are between bw = 70 and 140. The whey protein has, as you can see, alone the best biological value. That is why the Whey is also so well tolerated.

If you are not vegan, at best reach for the protein mix, because here you get a good mix of proteins that work together optimally. They can help with weight loss and support muscle building as well as the Regeneration.

What foods are high in protein?

There are many foods that contain protein and they should not be missing in the daily diet. Protein shakes are a good support, but should not be the main source of protein. Particularly valuable is tofu, here are already 16 g protein in 100g. More proof that vegetarians do not need meat as a source of protein.

There are about 36 g of protein in 100 g of cheese, 24 g in 100 g of fish, 24 g in 100 g of turkey. Fish is also a top supplier. Here are about 24 g of protein per 100 g of fish.

Which protein powder is right if you are a vegetarian?

As a vegetarian, it is important that you eat a varied diet. Besides proteins, it is also numerous vitamins and other nutrients that you should definitely consume. Lots of vegetables, fruits and nuts are good suppliers.

As a vegetarian, it makes sense to rely on a powder that contains other vitamins that you generally lack. The type of protein itself, is in the case yes no matter, as long as you are only vegetarian, Whey and casein should not bother you. With veganer it looks here again somewhat differently. For this reason, we would now like to deal with the right protein powder for vegans.

What protein powder if you are vegan?

For vegans, there is virtually only one protein powder left, the soy protein. This is roughly equivalent to Whey and milk protein, is moderately tolerated and is an optimal support in sports. If this is not an option for you, you should rely on natural protein sources. For example, tofu, nuts and co.

How can you recognize high-quality protein powder?

Packaging is mostly created by advertising professionals. They attract the customers and make people pay attention to their great slogan. If it says 3-component protein on the packaging, it's best to take a closer look. If it says "chicken protein" first, followed by carbohydrates, fat and then soy and co., this means that cheap raw materials are used here or that savings are generally made on some components.

As with food, the further back the ingredient is listed, the less of it is in the package. If sugar is first on the list, leave it alone at best. After all, you want protein, not sugar shock.

There is one more point on how you recognize high quality protein: good protein is processed cold. If the processing method is not on the powder, it has most likely been heated and is not as high quality. The "cold processed" note should be on the packaging.

How can you tell if protein powder is "bad"?

First and foremost, pay attention to the expiration date. A few months above that, nothing should happen yet. A few years later, it is guaranteed no longer good. If the powder is bad, it will be a little bit sticky and will not smell so good anymore.

Just do the smell or taste test yourself, this is the best way to determine the quality. If mold forms, you have not closed the powder properly. It is important that it never comes into contact with moisture as long as it remains in the can.