Ribose - our most important energy supplier

Do you have as Sportsman already once something of the component Ribose heard? Not yet? Then you've come to the right place, because we offer you this unique building block for your body in the form of dietary supplements. These are particularly important for the body.

Why and for what you need the Ribose we reveal to you now, because also we are seized by the sporty spirit and know very exactly what the body needs actually more exactly.



Ribose is a DNA building block and the energy depot of the human body.

You have certainly heard the terms DNA and RNA before. Already in school these two terms were treated. Basically, the DNA stores the numerous genetic information that makes us what we are and the RNA is responsible for the execution of this information. Ribose is a part of it.

Ribose is one of the basic building blocks in which the genetic information is stored. Now, riboses are not only known in this area, but also in several others and are often used in food supplements.

In Europe there are the Food supplements with ribose for a short time, in contrast to the USA. Research on ribose in Germany is currently still very much in its infancy, which is why exact healing effects cannot yet be meaningful.

ATP are newly formed thanks to ribose

Ribose intake is known to increase ATP concentrations. But what does that mean exactly? It means that Ribose intake increases the Regeneration of ATP from the residues of AMP and stimulates the formation of new ones. The most important feature in the absorption of ribose is that this component can be absorbed very quickly by the body.

Already during the supply into the body, the first components are led through the oral mucosa to the organism. So if you are about to start a very intense workout, it is enough to take the supplements 30 minutes before. Thus, ribose seems to be one of the fastest-acting substances in the body.

What should be the daily amount of ribose?

Ribose is a Single sugar. It is less sweet than some other types of sugar, but can still be used to add to drinks. The normal daily amount should in no case exceed 5 grams. Ideally, this is 3 to 5 grams.

The effect of ribose in the body

The human body is an impressive machine that performs numerous processes. However, for most of these processes, the body needs energy. This required energy is produced in the cells. Our body obtains this energy from food, the so-called adenosine triphosphate (ATP), one of the most important fuel suppliers of the human body.

However, if the energy is depleted, then we must ensure that the reserves are replenished. A drop in energy can be caused mainly by Stress but also strong physical stresses occur and should be prevented.

The ribose is a very special sugar that helps the body in the energy production in the cells and counteracts the energy loss. The dietary supplements from our range help you to supply these important riboses to the body to accelerate energy production.

Just for the energy stores to the heart, the process is very important for energy delivery. Should you use the ribose to support the performance, you should take the supplements shortly before training. Especially in competitive sports, however, you should be careful with the intake, because it can quickly come to an increased dose.

The dietary supplement is also very suitable for diabetics, especially when hypoglycemia is present.

Who should use the ribose?

Ribose can be used by different people. However, it is recommended especially for increased sports activity, as well as for recurring states of exhaustion. But also with stress in everyday life Ribose can help excellently, as well as with circulatory problems.

Where is the ribose contained?

The active ingredient ribose, or rather the building block, is contained in all animal and plant foods, but in different concentrations. With increased effort, such as long working days or sports, there should be enough ribose in the body. You can use our dietary supplements for this purpose.

How do you recognize a deficiency of ribose?

A deficiency of ribose becomes clear by the fact that the body has less energy and therefore seems to be only partially efficient. If there is a deficiency, then it may take some time until the body notices this and therefore shows the first signs.

How to take ribose

Even if it is basically so that the ribose can be absorbed with the food, so there should be an additional intake especially for athletes, because here the supply amounts are rarely enough. Food supplements can help you to take the right amounts. You can find them most easily in our online shop.

Since we offer ribose in different forms, you can also take it in different ways, for example as a drink or also as a Bolt.

Are there any side effects to taking Ribose?

To date, no Side effects of Ribose is known. However, it is important that the Ribose intake is carefully observed. This can be compared with the intake of medicines. These must also be taken exactly according to the instructions and not too much in terms of quantity.

For whom is ribose extremely important?

Fundamental for each of us, because every body needs enough energy to perform the most important processes. But it seems to be especially important in the field of sports or for people who have a reduced performance of the heart. Also circulatory problems can often be solved with ribose supplementation.

If you have any further questions in this area, please do not hesitate to contact us.