Meal replacement

Diet shakes are a great option for workout supplementation and meal replacement

Diet Shakes are an ideal way to save calories, for example, or to consume the necessary amounts of carbohydrates and protein. If you want to burn fat, the best case is to rely on protein, because carbohydrates are more suitable for an increase in mass. Whether muscle or fat is not relevant.

When you reach for diet shakes, there are a few things you should keep in mind. After all, you want to get a healthy body, which in addition gets the most important nutrients. Losing weight only works when the organism is "fueled" with those ingredients that are good for it. Our body is structured similar to an automobile. There are cars that run on electricity, others need gasoline or diesel. If you fill up with the wrong gasoline, you ruin the engine and the vehicle is damaged.

It is similar with our body. With one difference: it usually takes a while until physical complaints appear. If you constantly eat the wrong food, you will eventually tend to become overweight or suffer from deficiency symptoms.

It's far less bad when you're younger than it is later on. The older you get, the sooner you notice the signs of deficiency. That's why it's important to choose good products from the beginning, where you also know the manufacturer. For example, it is completely safe to buy the products from us. With dubious shops abroad you should be careful but again something - here you do not necessarily know what you get exactly.

Meal replacements are not suitable for the zero diets

Some believe you can completely give up their food and rely on diet shakes. Unfortunately, this does not work as many imagine. However, you should not completely abandon the normal diet, because in the substitutes are not present all the nutrients that the body needs. Generally, diet shakes or the like are drunk to get the metabolism in order and taken in addition to normal eating.

The ravenous appetite is thereby reduced and one reaches in the meantime less to sweets. Therefore, such a substitute brings mostly those who suffer from overweight something. Who only drinks the substitute products, will also get deficiency symptoms and feel a strong yo-yo effect. If something happens at all with the weight loss. Here you should rather rely on other products.

Our Tip: eat the same as before, just a little healthier and put on a little Sports in combination with a diet shake in between.

For whom is a diet shake suitable?

For all those who want to build muscle, the diet shakes should not be a substitute, but an additional meal. This way you can gain mass. It always depends on whether it is to save calories or to gain some.

Many people make a big mistake here: they believe they lose weight in the long term with diets. In fact, exactly the opposite happens. If you want to lose weight, you usually have to eat and it is not a mistake that many people only gain weight because they eat too little. If you count calories all day long and go without 1000 calories, you are guaranteed to come up short. If one assumes that the body needs 2500 calories per day, one should give it at least 2000 calories. Otherwise, losing weight will not work. Anything less than that means the body puts on the back burner and hoards every bit it can get.

If you eat far more than 2500 calories per day, you can limit yourself optimally with a diet shake. For example, with a low-calorie protein shake. This has few calories, but makes you full and brings the blood sugar level in order. The craving for sweets disappears and the weight loss is easier.

The following people will benefit:

  • People who eat too little and need a supplement
  • Overweight people against cravings
  • People who need more protein

What ingredients do diet shakes have?

It depends in the end on which product you put. There are those with a high protein content and againrum such, where the carbohydrates are high.

If it is really about diet products, the following ingredients are usually in the powder:

  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Vitamins
  • Amino acids
  • Trace elements
  • L-Carnitine
  • Proteins
  • Fiber
  • conjugated linoleic acid

How to prepare the diet shake?

As a rule, the shakes are prepared with milk. You use 25 to 50 grams of powder per day for this. This gives about 1 to 2 meals. If you want to lose weight, skip one meal completely. For example, lunch and you replace this with a delicious diet shake.

In the beginning, you can also prepare a shake 3x a day and eat liquid food to prepare the body for the diet. For example, a vegetable or cabbage soup. It is important that you also drink a lot of water during this time, because the body detoxifies and metabolism neutralizes again. After three days at the latest, start the proper cure and replace one or two meals with the diet powder.

Make sure that you eat whole foods even while taking diet shakes. Especially in the morning you should focus on protein food and eat properly. Breakfast is the important meal of the day and brings you the energy you need for the whole day. The diet shakes support you wonderfully.

Are there Side effects with the delicious protein shakes?

Side effects are not really known with diet shakes, unless you are allergic to the ingredients. In the beginning, you may also experience diarrhea because of the change. This is not so much a side effect, but a cleansing of the body. Therefore, you should drink plenty of water that you do not lose too much fluid.

If you eat healthy on the side, you can definitely achieve success with a diet shake. Of course, exercise is also recommended to boost the body.

Diet shakes as an addition to normal food

If you want to build muscle and generally eat too few calories because you are not very hungry, you can also rely on diet shakes. However, you take these in addition and do not replace them with a meal. Make sure that you reach your basal metabolic rate per day.

If you do a lot of sports, you should eat even more. Otherwise, what will happen is that you will constantly gain fat and not muscle. The body needs even more energy during sports activities and you should give it in the form of energy.

You can also do this with protein and carbohydrate powders. Just look around in the shop and discover the possibilities. And that entirely according to your needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us by e-mail or phone. We are there for you and answer them gladly in detail in a short conversation with you

Our opinion of the delicious meal replacement

Diet shakes products do not work miracles, but you can be a good addition to diets. The cravings disappear slowly and the metabolism can be brought in order with it. A healthy diet and exercise is still recommended to achieve success.