Fatty acids

Fatty acids and what you should know about them

Man can consider himself lucky, because he has an organism that can not only perform numerous feats, but is also reliable. This reliability, however, can only be maintained if one takes good care of one's own body. This includes a balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle and, of course, a sufficient intake of fats, Vitamins and Nutrients.

Fatty acids

Fatty acids

Who needs particularly high levels of nutrients and fats?

Basically, every person needs a certain amount of nutrients and fatty acids, which can only be obtained through food. However, there is a separate group of people who have a higher need for vitamins and also fatty acids. These are Sportsman and competitive athletes.

Especially when it comes to the Muscle building goes, it can lead to the need for even more fatty acids as an athlete than perhaps a person who rarely or never exercises. Men also tend to need more Fatty acids than women.

For humans, fat, which occurs in food and the fatty acids contained, is essential for survival. Fatty acids and fats influence numerous functions in the human body and are, among other things, responsible for the protection of the organs as well as for the permeability of the veins. Fatty acids are divided into so-called unsaturated and saturated fatty acids, which are also divided into animal and vegetable fat.

What is the structure of fatty acids?

Fatty acids, which belong to the lipids, are among a group of monocarboxylic acids that can consist of both an unbranched carbon chain and a carboxyl group. With about 400 different structures, however, only about ten to twelve of the fatty acids are best known, although among this seemingly small number are lipids that are extremely valuable for humans.

In general, it can be said that fats, which are found for example in our food, consist of fatty acids. It is very important to consume a certain amount in order to remain fully functional and to give the body the necessary strength for endurance training. If it is not possible to supply this through food, you should rely on dietary supplements to balance the fatty acid balance.

Why do athletes need more of the fatty acids?

Basically, fats provide energy that the body needs for daily tasks. After we have already briefly explained the composition, it is certainly clear why an athlete needs more fats or fatty acids than perhaps an office worker.

Athletes need just for the Muscle building Energy. After an intense workout, the energy reserves are depleted and you should replenish them. To do this successfully, you should take fats, but here is often the healthy diet in the way. Who still needs the fatty acids, can fall back on our products.

Our products fill up the fatty acid stores

We help you with our products to replenish your reserves after an intense workout and thus supply your body with all important nutrients, including fatty acids. Fatty acids are particularly important for the human body. If the body does not have enough of these fatty acids, this can have serious consequences. Do not let it come to that, but fill up your reserves with important fatty acids and thus ensure that your body still feels good after an intense workout.

Our products are all developed from high-quality raw materials and are available to you at any time in our shop. We would also be happy to advise you once again comprehensively on the individual products.

Saturated fatty acids - the most important for the human organism

Saturated fatty acids do not contain double bonds between the C atoms, are quite inert and become solid already at room temperature. These fatty acids support the human organism by building up Carbohydrateswhich appear as triglycerides in the blood and thus influence cholesterol levels.

Although the saturated fatty acids seem very important for the human body, the consumption should be limited. Because these fatty acids are responsible for the fact that the pointer of the scale is rising more and more, instead of falling.

Saturated fatty acids are found in many foods, including

  • Meat,

  • Sausage

  • Cheese etc.

Basically, you should try to achieve the necessary level of saturated fatty acids through a balanced diet, for example by including meat and cheese. If this is not possible or you have an increased need for fatty acids, then resort to dietary supplements.

Unsaturated fatty acids are healthier for the body

The saturated fatty acids are harmful to the body in an increased amount, differently looks the positive effect on the organism with unsaturated fatty acids. Unsaturated fatty acids are found in numerous foods, for example in vegetable oils, such as almond, walnut, pumpkin seed or olive oil. But also in sea fish, such as cod and salmon, and also in olives are a variety of fatty acids.

Unsaturated fatty acids are needed in the body for the construction and structural fat of cell membranes and consistently show positive properties on the processes in the organism. With a regular supply of unsaturated fatty acids, the cholesterol level can be kept at a healthy level, the blood flow is permeable and the structure of the blood vessels is significantly improved. So it is important to take in the unsaturated fatty acids in a sufficient amount.

Dietary supplements are ideal to fill the gap between the diet and the target

If you do not succeed in achieving a balanced diet with your normal food, you can use our supplements. They help you to use the sufficient amount of unsaturated fatty acids to the body for sufficient performance.

If you have any questions about the products in our shop, feel free to ask us, as we will help answer any questions you may have.