Bitter Orange

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Physical well-being is particularly important for many. But for a body to feel good, it needs more than simply a balanced diet. In addition to this, the body needs sufficient nutrients and sport. If one does enough sports, however, also increases the need for Minerals and Vitamins. So that you can supply your body sufficiently, you should provide for sufficient supply, that you can achieve once with the right diet, on the other hand with the right supplements.

A combination of both areas and the optimal athletic implementation are a recipe for success, which not only leads to the Muscle building can be used. We have in our store mainly dietary supplements that are suitable for muscle building but also for other areas. Especially the bitter orange also called bitter orange, is said to have a health benefit.

Bitter Orange

Bitter Orange

It is a citrus plant, the fruit of which is the Bitter Orange wears. The bitter orange looks very similar to the orange. But not only the appearance is almost identical, but also the ingredients seem to be very identical.

This is why bitter orange is so popular in the kitchen and why this exotic fruit has also found a place in our dietary supplements.

Where is the benefit in bitter orange?

What exactly the bitter orange now helps is questionable. But it has numerous Vitaminswhich the body absolutely needs and which can support the training. Thus, the bitter orange is popular with athletes in parallel with training as a natural Supplement taken.

In terms of taste, the bitter substances are in the peel of the bitter orange.
Of course, our products, which we offer with the bitter orange, are a perfect blend in terms of taste.

Interesting facts about the bitter orange

The origin of the bitter orange can no longer be precisely determined today, but it is assumed that the first trees with the bitter orange grew the southern and tropical areas of the Himalayas. But one thing is well known: the trees were cultivated for the fruit.

In China, the fruit was and is an important herbal medicine. There, however, the unripe fruits are increasingly used. In Germany, however, only the ripe fruits are used, as in our food supplements. However, the areas of application are now very similar and doctors also prescribe bitter orange or medicines derived from it for various complaints. However, one should avoid the use of the unripe fruits in self-administration if possible. If you want to use it yourself, consult a doctor first to answer the individual questions.

Our products are all made from high-quality raw materials and meet the highest qualities. Laboratory tests confirm and regularly the exact processing and the quality of the individual products.

The ingredients of bitter orange and the parts of the plant that can be used

In the medical field, only the peel of the bitter orange is used; in pharmaceutical terminology, it is also known as aurantii pericarpium.

The most important constituents of bitter orange include essential oils, especially limonene, bitter-tasting flavonoids (naringenin and neohesperidin) and furanocoumarins.
Of course, the most important ingredients of bitter orange can also be found in our dietary supplements. These can help you with the daily supply of important vitamins and minerals and support you in a healthy diet as well as a balanced workout.

Who can use the bitter orange?

Now the question arises who can use the bitter orange or the supplements with the bitter orange. Basically, everyone can use the supplements. But now some groups of people need the nutrients much more frequently and intensively. In itself anyone can Sportsman, who is intensely active and is aiming for weight loss, reach for the bitter oranges.

However, it is important to note that the quantities per day should be adhered to. Unfortunately, it is also with the bitter oranges so that the quantity makes the poison. So if you eat too many bitter oranges, they can have a laxative effect. Not a really bad consequence, but one that you certainly want to prevent.

The need of bitter orange in the sporting field

The ingredient synephrine, which is extracted from the fruit of the bitter orange, is very important for athletes. Normally, most dietary supplements already have a proportion of synephrine. The body is not able to produce enough synephrine, which is why you should supply the body with synephrine especially under athletic stress.

Whether you are on a diet or under extreme stress - a balanced diet can always support your training success.

The effect of bitter orange

What is the purpose of synephrine? Synephrine is now extracted from the bitter orange, expands the energy during exercise and additionally exerts a stimulating effect on the body. Synephrine produces a driving and stimulating effect in the body, which athletes in particular can benefit from. Besides the synephrine, the bitter orange also contains flavonoids. Many of our customers report a slight tingling sensation in the body that motivates you.

The active ingredients of the bitter orange are powerful Antioxidants. Scientists assume that their positive effects counteracts damage in the body. To what extent one can focus on the effects in the athletic field is not exactly defined here.

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