What you should know about the dietary supplement HMB

The designation HMB is currently on everyone's lips, especially in the sports department there are more and more users who talk about HMB. But few really know what is hidden behind HMB, or what HMB is really intended for. HMB is mainly used in weight training and of course accordingly also in the Muscle building.

As experts for dietary supplements, we would like to clarify what exactly is behind the new trend name and where exactly HMB can be used.



What is HMB?

The designation HMB stands for 3 Hydroxy 3 Methylbutyric acid, this is a  Metabolic productwhich is derived from the amino acid L-Leucine is obtained. HMB has been on the market for a long time, but only now has the dietary supplement industry discovered the product for itself.

But actually HMB is already used since the 90s in the field of weight training, because it allows the complete replenishment of important reserves in the body. This ensures an efficient workout.

Leucine and where exactly it occurs

Leucine is an amino acid and is one of the essential substances that the body needs daily. Leucine, which is also contained in HMB, can be absorbed in different ways. HMB or leucine is found, for example, in breast milk. But also in cow's milk or in beef is the important leucine contained. Leucine is supplied by the body in a large amount, about three to four grams an adult person takes in daily with food. This large amount is not actually needed by the body in a normal lifestyle.

The excess leucine contained in HMB is broken down by the liver and muscles. During this breakdown, the body produces about 0.2 to 0.4 grams of HMB. In the metabolism, the HMB is converted into the compound HMG-CoA, which is of great importance for the production of cholesterol. The HMB is excreted via the kidneys.

Who needs an additional supply of HMB?

The question now is who actually needs the HMB? Since a normal human organism apparently consumes enough HMB, it is questionable who needs the additional intake of HMB.

But those who regularly play sports and train to build muscle will know that HMB is additionally needed for the muscles and metabolism. Accordingly, HMB can be an optimal option for athletes to replenish the body's reserves, as the body has a significantly higher consumption during strenuous activities.

Our HMB product for your satisfaction

You would like to try out the effects of HMB yourself and use the product, which belongs to the dietary supplements in training? Then we are the right contact for you. Because with us you get a HMB product from a high-quality production. We have paid special attention to the fact that our products are made from high-quality raw materials and have been provided with a pleasant taste.

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This is how beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate / HMB might work for you

An exact effect can not be predicted with the product HMB, but there are quite guesses how beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB) can work. HMB can have a great effect especially on human muscles. In addition, HMB can help build muscle.

The musculature is constantly in motion and undergoes a permanent process. The metabolic processes that take place in the muscles are constantly undergoing muscle buildup and breakdown. Both processes take place simultaneously. An intermediate product of the metabolism is leucine, but here especially the product HMB. The HMB has in the body, especially in terms of muscle building, a special task, because the HMB can Muscle loss in the body. The beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate / HMB is a special substance, which has proven in the repair of cell walls.

Through the HMB, among other things, damage to the muscles is reduced and the reconstruction of damaged muscle fibers, which may well arise after a long and intense workout, supported. This can lead to an increase in muscle mass in the long run.

Does HMB have any known side effects?

Since the HMB itself can be produced in the body and it is made from essential Amino acids is obtained, no side effects are known to date. HMB can not be overdosed, despite additional intake, because the body excretes too much absorbed HMB through the kidneys again. Here, however, one should act so intelligently and adhere to the recommended daily dose, so as not to impose unnecessary work on the body.

The dosage of HMB

Studies have found that everyone needs about 2-3 grams of HMB daily for a healthy appearance. This intake can be increased and should be divided into four intakes per day.

Our product, which we offer in this area, was developed and produced by the top manufacturer Olimp. Thereby it promises the highest compatibility. The dosage should not exceed 1250mg calcium ß-hydroxy ß-methyl butyrate according to the manufacturer. The HMB product is a product in capsule form, which can be taken before and after training.

We would be happy to advise you on our product in more detail and give you helpful tips for your daily training. It is important not to forget the healthy and balanced diet. Our range is not only for athletes, but also for people who are concerned with a healthy and balanced diet. It may also be interesting for you to take additional HMB. It is best to ask our experts about this.

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