Endurance and fitness

Endurance and fitness

Endurance and strength training not only get the body in shape, but also the soul. Those who exercise regularly are happier, it goes better in bed and generally the desire to be active is much higher. However, this is only possible if the body receives the right nutrients. If you run yourself ragged and don't eat enough protein, for example, you're more likely to notice the opposite effect. In other words, if you choose the right fuel for your body, you will last longer and get muscles the way they should be. Defined and pronounced or endurance and happy hormones.

Endurance and fitness

Endurance and fitness

Nutritional supplements can help maintain the necessary stamina

In our shop you will find some supplements that have been developed for different purposes. In the field of endurance and fitness, it is the carbohydrates, Sports drinks and energy bars.

This section is mainly designed for those athletes who train regularly and aim for a slim figure. Less the bodybuilders, but more those who train a lot of endurance. In the process, of course, you also get muscles and those who do a lot of sports should generally ensure that the muscles can regenerate wonderfully.

Carbohydrate products - Who are they suitable for?

Each person needs a certain number of Carbohydrates. However, you should not eat too much of it if you want to lose weight. You have certainly heard of diets where you do without many carbohydrates. These are usually hidden in pasta, potatoes or in white rolls. If you want to lose weight, it is better to do without these and go for the healthy alternative. Now carbohydrates are important for endurance, because every organism needs a good sugar balance.

The question is, of course, in what form do you consume them and how much do you exercise. The more sports you do, the more carbohydrates make sense, especially if you lose weight quickly because they have a good metabolism. In that case, it makes sense to go for carbohydrate products. If you want to gain weight or muscle, despite a good metabolism, these are the right helpers for you. The situation is different if you have a poor metabolism. Here you should be careful and better do without too many carbohydrates.

If you are unsure, it is best to ask a doctor who can advise you on this point. Since carbohydrates are already in the daily diet, they are not necessary for every athlete. Only mostly for those who really lose weight quickly and can not train a carrier without losing a gram. Here it is more or less about keeping the weight off and not about losing weight. Those who generally want to lose weight, do without additional carbohydrates, because these ensure that you gain weight.

These bars and gels are available

Bolt and gel are available in the shop in different flavors and with different ingredients. For example, with carbohydrates and proteins. Here you need to decide between the two types necessarily.

The carbohydrate bars provide you with the necessary energy during sports. Therefore, you should eat them before training. Protein bars againrum are for Regeneration intended after the workout. It makes sense, of course, if you take both. One before and one after the Sports. Gels contain more or less the same ingredients, only these go faster into the blood. If you only train for a short time or spontaneously, go for a gel at best. You have more of it in the end. Of course, it is possible to vary both and you can also eat the bars in between. As a snack at work or during a hike.

Whenever you are on the move, rely on such bars rather than sugar drinks. The carbohydrates in such bars enter the blood more slowly and keep blood sugar levels constant longer than sugar drinks. That's why you get more out of an energy bar than a sugary energy drink. In addition, in bars, as well as shakes are much more Vitamins than in normal drinks. It's worth reaching for sporty extras once in a while. Your body will thank you for it.

Sports drinks also provide good support

In the category Sports drinks you will find delicious liquids that will support you during your workout. These are enriched with numerous Vitamins and nutrients. In contrast to the shakes, sports drinks are drunk virtually during the workout. You can take one or two bottles of them. They replace the water and give you even more power for the sport. At the same time it helps you to regenerate after the workout.

Sports drinks are available ready mixed and as a syrup. The latter you must first dilute with water and then drink sips. Use 15 ml of it per serving. With this you stir yourself a delicious drink and power the sports hour with bravura.

If you do not do sports, you can calmly treat yourself to a drink. Because vitamins do not hurt and also promote concentration during work.

Is it allowed to mix different products?

Of course, you may also combine the individual products. Just make sure that the recommended total amount is not exceeded. For example, if you drink three protein shakes, you should not necessarily eat an additional bar. Instead, reach for an energy bar with carbohydrates, for example. In general, however, it does not matter if you go overboard once.

Just make sure that you drink plenty of water, especially when it comes to protein products. These are excreted through the kidneys, so flush them out quickly with water. This is good for your body and water is healthy anyway. No matter which product you choose in the end, never do without water.

Water is the number one sports drink. The basis for everything, for shakes as well as for sports drinks. The rest are the vitamins and nutrients you take in through the many sports products. You'll see, you'll probably feel better right away if you have the bars a few times before and after exercise or keep treating yourself to sports drinks. Sport always means drinking more, then it usually works out with the dream figure or with the endurance.