Vitamins are extremely important for the human body, whether you are an athlete or a non-athlete. Vitamins not only keep our organism healthy, but they are also important in many areas of life, because the body needs vitamins to control processes.

Especially the Vitamin D but also the vitamin E should be stored sufficiently in the body. These vitamins are also called Calciferol.



What is calciferol?

Calciferols are groups of hormonally active sterol derivatives. They regulate the human calcium balance. Therefore, calciferol is also placed in the group of vitamins D and E, although they are not actually vitamins. For the most part, calciferols are absorbed through the daily diet, but athletes in particular need more calciferol, as their stores are emptied more quickly.

Dietary supplements can help replenish the important areas and provide the body with sufficient calciferol. Overall, care should be taken to ensure that the body does not fall into a deficiency. This is not only the case with calciferol, but also with other Vitamins and minerals. If the budget is not balanced, a deficiency occurs, which is not particularly good for the body.

What does calciferol do? The need for vitamin D and E

Vitamin D is especially important for calcium absorption. In addition, it plays an important role in the function of bones, nerves, muscles and immune system. You can get the vitamin D through food, especially in Fish contains a great deal of vitamin D. Providing your body with sufficient vitamin D can have a positive effect on the intestines, kidneys, bones, muscles and nerves.

Especially in the intestine, thanks to vitamin D, calcium and phosphate absorption is positively influenced. In addition, the mobilization of calcium and the mineralization in the bone structure is promoted. In the kidney, calcitriol regulates the reabsorption of calcium and phosphate. Through these mechanisms, calcium and phosphate levels are maintained, thus enabling normal ossification.

Vitamin D can also be perfectly converted by the irradiation of the sun and stored in the body, however, the vitamin D can not be bunkered in the body for a long time, which is why we must always make sure to supply the vitamin to the body in a sufficient amount, for example, through dietary supplements ,.

Vitamin E is one of the Antioxidants and is therefore an important free radical scavenger for the body. Free radicals are aggressive compounds in the body, which are supplied to the body by different components, for example stress. They damage the body and exactly for this reason the radicals must be removed. However, this means that the body needs the right vitamins. If it does not have these, the body is damaged.

Vitamin E is also responsible for the control of the gonads. Due to the fact that the vitamin E components are integrated in most cell membranes, they can perform their antioxidant protective function directly on site in a fast way.

Particularly in the case of essential fatty acids and the Vitamin A the vitamin E thus prevents a chemical reaction too early, which would massively affect the human metabolism. Since the vitamin is also present in the body and calciferol is released in large quantities during sports, it should be made available to the body again in large quantities. The easiest way to do this is through the dietary supplements from our online store.

The lack of important vitamins

If the body is not sufficiently supplied with vitamins, including calciferol, then deficiency symptoms can occur. Depending on the vitamin, which is missing, it can come to numerous symptoms and also depending on the consumer, the deficiency symptoms can differ.

If a vitamin or the calciferol is missing, it can lead to FatigueThis can lead to a lack of calciferols, immunodeficiency and a high degree of susceptibility to diseases. To prevent this from happening, athletes in particular should ensure that they take enough calciferols and thus prevent deficiency symptoms.

A vitamin E deficiency can manifest itself in the long term in the form of muscle atrophy. Furthermore, a vitamin E deficiency in the long term can lead to the red blood pigment gradually leaving the erythrocytes and, as a negative consequence, mixing with the blood water flow.

We offer dietary supplements with calciferol

In our assortment you get numerous possibilities to supply the most important vitamins, including D and E, to the body. Our supplements are manufactured to the highest quality and are subject to the latest and best practices. In our assortment you will find vitamin D and E as capsules, which ensures an easy and fast supply of calciferol.

The side effect of calciferol

Side effects are not known to date and even an overdose does not seem to cause significant damage. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to the intake of calciferol products, because only then a positive effect can be guaranteed. The vitamins can be supplied to the body via very different ways.

Vitamin E is found in fish, for example, while vitamin D is found in sunlight. Use a balanced and purposeful diet, which is supplemented with our dietary supplements. This way you are sufficiently supplied even during stressful workdays or after a long workout.

We will be happy to advise you again in detail about calciferol and our products.