Carbohydrate bar

Carbohydrate bar

Energy bars during sports are a wonderful support. They give more power during the workout and thus the training goes better by statten. However, it is a misconception that energy bars are small miracle bars that take over the weight loss by themselves. Unfortunately, there is nothing in the world that can help us lose weight without a healthy diet and exercise. The only way would be surgery.

Carbohydrate bar

Carbohydrate bar

The only way is a healthy diet and some exercise. Here, energy bars can be a wonderful thing because you support the workout in the end and give the body the nutrients it needs during increased effort. Especially the carbohydrate bars are the ones that provide energy on the go or during sports.

What are carbohydrate bars good for?

Carbohydrate Bars are ideal for hiking or on days with increased effort. For example, a long haul flight or a long trip where you need to stay awake for a long time. Not for nothing are these bars called energy bars. They give you strength. Many people rely on sugary drinks or coffee when you need strength. In the long run, this is unhealthy. Sugar does not last long anyway, because the blood sugar level drops down again quickly.

Instead, choose an energy bar directly and you will last a lot longer. These you can also easily take through the security check at the airport. Power in a bar has its advantages over liquids.

What is the difference between a carbohydrate and protein bar?

As the name suggests, one bar donates a lot of carbohydrates, the other bar puts Proteins free. Carbohydrates are more likely to provide you with energy during sports. Proteins, on the other hand, are perfect after sports, because they help your muscles regenerate faster and grow better. The energy bars you should virtually before the sport and the Protein Bar to eat after exercise. First you need the energy to train and then the proteins to rest.

For short workouts we recommend energy gels

Energy gels are similar to bars, but they work faster. That's why they are highly recommended for short sessions. If you train spontaneously and urgently need an energy boost in advance, it is best to use gels. Eat bars if you plan to train for a longer period of time and plan this in advance. Of course, a combination of both is also possible.

By the way, you don't have to work out, you can consume the energy bars even without exercise. Just remember that carbohydrates are not exactly slimmers. If you don't exercise much, carbohydrates will cause you to gain weight. Of course, you won't get fat from one bar, just don't overdo it.

Why are carbohydrate bars so convenient?

They are small and compact. That is already the first reason that speaks for these bars. The bars are easy to store in the bag and take anywhere. A shake must first be mixed and drinks run out. Thus, you can get away with a bar the best. As mentioned before, you can take them on board a plane without any problems and they are also ideal at festivals or during work. The energy sources are replenished quickly and, above all, for a long time, so that you are still full of energy even after sports. Especially endurance athletes benefit from this delicious snack in between, because it fills the reserves and gives strength to continue.

What you should consider when buying carbohydrate bars

Generally, there is no purchase recommendation here, because tastes are different. Just make sure that you order the bar that really suits your needs. Besides carbohydrate bars, there are also protein bars. The danger of confusion is great on the basis of the packaging. Therefore, you should always read exactly what is written on the packaging.

Some are easily chewable, others are soft. There are also different flavors. Also, look for fruit or nut pieces in many bars. If you have an allergy to fruits or grains, it is best to choose a bar that is easy for you to tolerate.

For what purpose can be used carbohydrate bars

These bars are not only ideal during sports. There are many applications where an energy bar seems helpful in between:

  • At the university
  • For strenuous work
  • When moving
  • For stressful travel
  • At Endurance - and weight training
  • For hikes

Quasi everywhere where you need a lot of energy, such a bar is ideal. Of course, you can also consume this in between, if you just can not find anything else. You do not necessarily have to make an effort to eat an energy bar. But you should not overdo it.

Energy bars do not replace a healthy diet

The bars may sound healthy at first. They are, up to a certain limit. Carbohydrate bars contain many Vitamins and fiber, yet you do not cover all the vitamins that a human body needs. It is important that you also focus on fresh fruits and vegetables. If this is less to your liking, make yourself an additional fresh green smoothie.

These delicious smoothies do a lot and are ideal for breakfast. Pay attention to a healthy diet, do a lot of sports, then an energy bar will definitely bring you something. If you merely rely on such bars, you will still experience a deficiency.

It also does no good if you eat protein bars in addition. Food supplements are not called supplement for nothing else. They support the natural diet. However, it is still important to focus on healthy food. It is your body and your Health. The supplement is necessary because in times of physical exertion the body needs even more energy than usual. Therefore, you can never compensate for this with bars alone.

Our conclusion about the carbohydrate bars

Carbohydrate bars are a great alternative and support the training optimally. You get energy quickly and last longer during sports. Energy bars are also a great change during hikes or strenuous activities. They support a healthy lifestyle and help to become physically fit.

But remember: no pain, no gain. Any bar, whether carbohydrates or proteins, they always serve as a nutritional supplement and do not replace complete meals. If you keep this in mind, you should always be able to get the full performance in training.