weight gainer

What you should know about weight gainers

More and more people rely on dietary supplements to give the body what it desperately needs. Those who exert themselves excessively need even more nutrients to compensate for the deficiency that usually exists. Especially when it comes to building up mass in the body, for example because you are clearly too thin, or do a sport where mass is important, often too few nutrients are taken.

To build up mass then among themselves weight gainer which we would like to present as a result.

weight gainer

weight gainer

What is a weight gainer?

The Weight Gainer is an energy-rich supplement, which consists of minerals, Protein, vitamins as well as Carbohydrates consists. Weight gainers are used mainly by those who want to quickly build muscle mass.

As with any dietary supplement, it goes without saying that it doesn't work without training. Weight gainers have a supportive effect and bring the body virtually on high, they ensure that he gets the necessary nutrients and that certain functions accelerate. Since there are different compositions of weight gainers, it would not make sense to go into an exact percentage of the individual products. You will find these listed exactly in the product descriptions.

However, on average, weight gainer mixes consist of about 50% of Carbohydrates. The rest consists of proteins and other ingredients. It is mainly the carbohydrates that can increase the training success and allow weight gain. That is why they are recommended for high loads and regular workouts. Intensive training is important here.

Do not use weight gainer to lose weight

Those who consume weight gainers and do not Muscle building possibly gain weight, because the carbohydrate ratio is extremely high. Weight gainers are not suitable for pure weight loss, because they cause exactly the wrong direction - but here you can also find the appropriate articles in our online store.

Who benefits from Weight Gainer?

There are different metabolism types, so weight gainers are not suitable for everyone. Anyone interested in weight gainer products should find out in advance whether this dietary supplement is really right for you. If not, there are many other options in the shop, which may fit better to the type.

Nutrition science divides people into three types

Mesomorphic type

This type of metabolism is the most common. These people gain weight quickly when you eat high-calorie foods and lose weight when they restrict themselves and do pure endurance sports.

Ectomorph type

These people gain weight very slowly and with difficulty. The metabolism works quickly and at high pressure. For weight gain, this metabolism type is not exactly ideal and most of our weight gainer customers belong to this class.

Endomorphic type

Those types, in turn, gain weight very quickly and can lose weight only with difficulty. The metabolism works extremely slowly. For mass gain, this type of person is ideal.

Weight gainers are especially suitable for those individuals who display a fast metabolism. The ectomorph types. For those people, these products are even beneficial, because otherwise you would not be able to build a large amount of muscle mass.

People with a very slow metabolism, on the other hand, better reach for other products, because weight gainers still support the increase. If you still want to gain weight or mass, you are also right here.

The effect of Weight Gainer

Weight Gainer means in German = gain weight / mass. As already mentioned, not only the muscles become stronger, but also the physique itself. Therefore, when taking a proper training is required that the carbohydrates can be converted directly into muscle mass and not become unnecessary fat.

Underweight individuals can use weight gainers even with less intense workouts to bring about a gain. All others should be careful and rely on a proper training plan.

With weight gainers, the training phases can also be increased. The products contain different carbohydrates. A part is secreted immediately, a part only later. Thus, the body is also optimally supplied with energy after training or allows the person to train longer.

After training, the body needs fewer recovery phases, because this regenerates faster. Thus, shorter training intervals are possible and this of course promotes muscle building.

When are weight gainers taken?

It is recommended to take the weight gainer products directly after training. The glycogen storage is immediately filled with proteins and carbohydrates and the muscles regenerate better afterwards. It is particularly useful to drink the weight gainer throughout the day, then the nutrients can distribute optimally. Ideally, the daily dose should be divided into thirds.

How many calories do weight gainers contain?

The calorie count is important to many athletes and also to those people who want to lose weight. The following figures immediately show that these products are not suitable for pure weight loss.

100 g of powder contain just under 410 calories. This corresponds to almost an entire meal, even if a portion of the weight gainer is more reminiscent of a yogurt. Nevertheless, it saturates and makes fit. As a snack between meals, a portion of Weight Gainer is quite recommendable, but only if you want to gain weight.

Whether in the office or at home, simply fill the shaker with the powder and water. Already the delicious drink is ready. Of course, there are the Weight Gainer in different flavors. Whether vanilla or chocolate, everyone has his favorite shake and can also vary this.

Regular weight control is important

If you want to shape your body and gain muscle mass, you also need to keep your body under control. No more than 0.5 kg should be gained per week with weight gainers. Anything above that is rather unhealthy. Those who gain more weight, it is best to reduce the amount of the Shakes. If an opposite effect is measured, then of course you can increase the amount. Two to three servings per day are within reason.

Are there any side effects to Weight Gainer?

To rule out side effects, an inventory should be taken before taking the product. This is best done with a fitness trainer or doctor. If you don't have a fast metabolism, you risk gaining fat instead of muscle mass with weight gainer products. Actual weight, age, height and occupation also play a role. Daily calorie consumption can be increased by about 500 calories daily. Those who take this in the form of weight gainers can use it to increase muscle mass. If too many calories are taken, the body also converts weight gainer nutrients into fat.

Side effects can also occur in the case of food intolerances. For example, if you suffer from lactose intolerance, it is best to use substitute products. There are now already weight gainers with Soy- or coconut milk. If allergic reactions occur, the intake should be discontinued and a doctor should be consulted. Regular weight control is strongly recommended during intake to avoid overweight.

Fat building is for many Sportsman a side effect that actually rely on muscle mass. That is why with these products it is important to observe and follow the intake closely. This increases the chances of regular and rapid muscle growth many times over. If you are unsure which metabolic type you belong to, it is best to ask a doctor or sports physician who can make a precise analysis. This will allow even more accurate results to be obtained.