L-Arginine - popular in medicine as well as in sports

The human body is capable of L-Arginine to synthesize itself, since it is an amino acid. L-Arginine convinces with a particularly high mass fraction of nitrogen and is important for the organism as well as for the conversion of ammonia to urea. L-arginine is excreted via the kidneys and the urinary tract.

A particularly positive property of L-arginine is its medical application. It is used for the preventive treatment of diseases. For example, with high blood pressure or heart disease and vascular diseases. A constant supply of the amino acid is essential for the organism.



Where is L-Arginine contained?

In everyday food L-arginine is present in various nuts, shrimps, chicken meat, mutton, tuna and eggs. A particularly high demand for L-arginine have children in the growth phase and adults who suffer from a vascular disease and also people who are under constant stress.

In the field of sports, L-arginine is indispensable for power sports as well as competitive sports. The reserves of L-arginine are used up very quickly during an intense workout and a higher amount is needed. But not only the vascular strengthening effect is attributed to L-arginine, but also the positive effects on the immune system as well as on the stimulation of hormones can occur.

The perfect combination with L-ornithine

Especially popular is the combination of L-arginine with L-ornithine. Both can provide positive effects on strength and potency. The L-form of ornithine is found in the urinary cycle as a basic and non-proteinogenic amino acid. Involved in the metabolism is the conversion of L-ornithine to glutamate and to Glutamine. This process can have an effect on the enlargement of the muscles and therefore acts supportively in the optimized Muscle building as well as in the preservation of muscle mass.

With L-Arginine, positive effects on a man's sexual power are often reported, although this is not confirmed. With a regular intake, not only the potency can be increased, but also the musculature is built. If L-ornithine and L-arginine are combined, a supply is available, which with Vitamin A, folic acid and many high-quality proteins.

The effect can be an optimization of performance, endurance and training efficiency. Especially in build-up phases or in competition phases, these aspects are very crucial and lead to an effective increase in personal training. The dosage is based on a guideline that says that about two to four tablets can be taken before the night's rest or directly before the start of training.

If the power duo, L-arginine and L-ornithine is taken before bed rest, the muscles can recover much faster due to the associated better blood circulation. If it is taken before training, the supplementation supports a boost of growth hormones and thus forces an effective muscle building.

L-Arginine offers good protection for young and old

If you want to achieve more power and more efficiency, you should not disregard the duo L-Arginine as well as L-Ornithine. L-Arginine is also the only Amino acid, which sustainably supports the protein metabolism. The connections in the organism are therefore found in the brain communication, in the regeneration processes as well as in the male potency.

Unfortunately, nowadays the diet is very one-sided and the optimal supply of effective Amino acids is very rarely the case. Especially in older people, the ability of cleavage is lost. If the daily diet is supplemented here with arginine products, the body can be supported in its function. An optimal supply of L-arginine is therefore just as important for seniors as for athletes.

Arginine was first isolated from animal antlers or their horn. It contains important factors that affect the system of functionality of the human body. Thus, with high-quality arginine products the blood circulation can be promoted and the potency can be increased. At the same time, it can lead to a general increase in energy.

As a so-called precursor molecule, arginine causes better regulation of blood circulation and blood vessels. Especially with erection problems, this is a crucial factor. At the same time, L-arginine has a supplementary effect on the urea synthesis and can thus sustainably detoxify the body and protect it from hyperacidity.

Natural plant proteins with L-Arginine

Supplementation with ornithine completes the effectiveness of arginine. It acts supportively in the release of growth hormones in the pituitary gland, thereby causing a better Regeneration of the body can take place. Especially with a workout, which is dedicated to the Muscle building serves, the combination of L-arginine and ornithine helps especially.

The best effect is achieved when the effect can unfold overnight in the resting state of the body. Basically, amino acids have a positive effect on the body. The blood circulation is improved and the connective tissue is strengthened as well as the fat burning is supported. With a regular intake, an effective strengthening of the organism can be achieved by arginine and ornithine.

The physical and mental energy increase as well as the support of the immune system and also the brain communication are noticeably stimulated above all by the Arginin.

L-Arginine is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Advantageous with L-arginine is that vegans or vegetarians do not have to do without the additional supply. Thus, a number of vegetable protein powders are available. Popular among athletes are pea protein, lupine protein, hemp protein and rice protein.

For example, a small dose of 20 grams of hemp protein provides 0.6 grams of arginine. Rice proteins even provide almost 1.5 grams with the same amount. For an effective performance enhancement, it is recommended that about one to two grams should be taken daily with a dietary supplement. In combination with an intensive weight training and a regular intake, effects can already be noticed after five weeks, such as the reduction of body fat.

From L-arginine is further produced in the body nitric oxide. This is a very important substance because it regulates blood flow and fights microorganisms that are harmful. Nitric oxide at the same time assists in the distribution of nutrients found in muscle tissue. A higher level causes athletes to perform much better.

As a simultaneous source substance for the connective tissue, for collagen, for hormones and enzymes, L-arginine is a multi-element. Therefore, everyone who does sports should pay attention to a healthy diet and the natural supply of L-arginine on the one hand and at the same time resort to dietary supplements in case of special stress. These should be of high quality and the dosage recommendations of the manufacturer should definitely be followed. With a particularly high tension, with physical and psychological stress L-Arginin becomes fast a lack commodity in the body. The performance decreases rapidly and especially here should be a targeted supply from the outside to get a rapid increase in performance.