What you should know about carnosine

In the human body, many functions and processes play a role. Only through the various processes, the body has the possibility of sports and Endurance to achieve.

Especially you as a strength athlete should know the most different processes in the body very well and know that the body needs a lot for the implementation. Vitamins, minerals and also Amino acids are the most important basic building blocks that a body uses to make proteins and also proteins. Especially when it comes to the Muscle building acts, the body should never be in a state of deficiency.



This cannot happen with our dietary supplements, because they supply you with the most important substances. Carnosine occurs in the human body in a very high proportion in the muscle mass and is also popular as a so-called L-Carnosine designated.

What is the L-carnosine?

The substance L-carnosine can be detected in the human body mainly in muscle mass. It is formed from the amino acid L-Histidine and the amino acid beta-Alanine. This chemical compound is also called dipeptide. The dipeptide, to which L-carnosine also belongs, is found mainly in human nerve cells in the brain and in muscle mass, as well as in a minor concentration in human tissue.

In the course of development, the amount of L-carnosine in the body decreases, which is why athletes in particular should replenish this amount with the right dietary supplements to avoid deficiency symptoms.

The L-carnosine in the human body

Among other things, the substance L-carnosine also occurs in natural form. Here, the L-carnosine is a chemical compound between the amino acid L-histidine and Beta Alanine can only be found in the tissue of vertebrates. Already with this knowledge should be aware that therefore numerous lifestyles, for example a vegetarian lifestyle, causes a deficiency of L-carnosine.

How exactly this deficiency is characterized could not be proven until today. However, a similar lack of L-carnosine can also occur in competitive athletes, because here the L-carnosine is consumed much faster.

The mode of action of L-carnosine

L-carnosine is found in the human organism mainly in the tissues and muscles. There it has the task to support the health of the muscle and the tissue. But the L-carnosine has other positive properties, including the antioxidant effect that the L-carnosine has. Among other things, it ensures that cell membranes are protected from free radicals. In addition, L-carnosine is a natural regulator in the human nervous system.

Whether these effects occur in the same way in every person is unfortunately not yet known at this point, but it is assumed that even an effect on the brain cannot be ruled out. Especially the areas in the brain, which have something to do with the movement, could be positively stimulated.

Therefore, the L-carnosine was also used for the dietary supplement industry and we bought by our customers every year more frequently. One can almost speak of a small trend around the L-carnosine.

Are there any side effects to taking carnosine?

L-carnosine is a substance that the body can produce itself under certain circumstances. Among other things, it occurs in raw Meat before. Until now, there are numerous people who take the L-carnosine as a dietary supplement daily, under the conditions of proper intake.

However, side effects are not yet known. However, it is important when taking it to be able to follow the exact instructions. In itself, carnosine is also found in the human body, so it is not very foreign to the body and the side effects are very low.

For muscle building you should use L-Carnosine

If you want to build up the muscles, then many athletes put their own body on a diet. In such a case, the consumption of the L-carnosine can no longer be averted.
L-carnosine can also be called the messenger of long-chain fatty acids. We also offer the dietary supplement with L-carnosine. We have a variety of products in our range.

All of our substances in the online shop are composed of high-quality substances and have a good tolerance, if you follow the correct income. We would recommend you to take a closer look at our products and especially the area of L-Carnosine and convince yourself of the positive effects that this agent can have.

L-Carnosine for fat loss?

When taking L-carnosine is not really much to consider, because it can also be used for fat loss. In this case, you should take the L-carnosine before the workout. Pay attention here but still on a healthy and especially balanced diet and a training program that adapts to your body.

How to take the L-carnosine?

There are different means that contain the L-carnosine. On the one hand, it can be in powder form, but also as a drink or as a capsule. So depending on your preference, you can choose your L-Carnosine. We pay attention to a high compatibility and only the best ingredients.

With us you get the L-carnosine in powder form, which is why you can only take this with sufficient liquid. Use our assortment to supply your body with the important components it needs after an intense workout.

We would be happy to advise you once again about the intake and the possible effects or side effects that the L-carnosine can have.