Casein as an increasingly popular dietary supplement

Dietary supplements are on everyone's lips. Anyone who wants to support their body with vitamins and nutrients should inform themselves well in advance whether the product in question, such as Casein is suitable for its purpose.

The variety of bodybuilder powder is now enormous. With so much on offer, you can lose track as a customer. This is mainly due to the fact that there is a variety of different Proteins gives. Not every protein is good for the body and should only be consumed in certain quantities. Casein is in this case the protein that is obtained from dairy products. Besides this, there is also the animal and vegetable protein.



Casein is also called casein and comes from milk, cheese and co. This special protein has a great advantage over its siblings: as an animal protein, it has a long-lasting effect. That is why it is not only for the Muscle building but also suitable for muscle maintenance. For example, during diets or after an injury.

The mode of action of casein

Our body needs protein on a regular basis to keep it running smoothly. Protein is virtually the gasoline that keeps us going. If you don't have enough protein in you, you get tired quickly, lose concentration and risk muscle reduction if you don't exercise enough.

Casein is one of those proteins that break down in the body over hours and the Amino acids level thus remain constant. In addition, the muscle building materials are renewed in time, especially at those times when we do nothing. For example, when we sleep at night.

Casein is recommended for those who rely on low-fat energy intake. This is especially true for those metabolism types who train regularly but unfortunately gain weight quickly. For this, casein is an ideal supplement, because it works permanently and always gives the muscle its nutrients when it needs them.

What is the difference between Whey or Casein?

The difference between these two Proteins is not great, because both types supply the muscle with substances and encourage it to grow. However, the body processes them in different ways. Whey is metabolized quickly, while casein takes about 8 hours to break down completely.

Protein Whey is ideal after training to influence the muscle building process. With casein, the catabolic process is delayed and provides a long-lasting effect. Those who eat a low-fat diet stay fit longer with casein. Those athletes who take Whey usually have a higher calorie intake, so you do not need the protein distribution during the day, but only use it as an additional effect after training.

When is it best to take casein?

The best effect is achieved when you take casein shortly before bedtime. This is the best way for this protein to develop its full effect.

Why does casein work best at night?

The muscles are supplied with nutrients at night and thus preserved. As an epithet, casein also bears the name night protein. It is virtually considered the substance that keeps the muscles active at night. All those who take casein to support diets can also drink it as a shake during the day. The advantage of these proteins is that they contain hardly any calories or fat. Nevertheless, they make you full and fight the craving for sweets.

Those who take casein during a diet can possibly additionally avoid the nasty yo-yo effect, because the body is supplied with enough vitamins and minerals. Since casein is derived from dairy products, long-term intake is not recommended. During diets and special training sessions it is certainly a good supplement. Permanently, especially cow's milk proteins have the same properties as cow's milk itself.

If you regularly consume protein shakes, it is better to use whey shakes, because whey also protects against negative effects.

Please note: excessive consumption of any food can achieve the opposite. Therefore, casein shakes are not automatically evil. The only thing to keep in mind is that supplements cannot replace a complete diet in the long run and should only be taken in the recommended amount.

Why is whey better than milk?

More and more people suffer from lactose intolerance and there is a reason for that. It is because of the main carbohydrate that is found in the popular drink. Whey protein is healthier because it is hydrated. It is broken down in advance so that the stomach does not have to release more energy for digestion.

If you reach for casein products, it is best to combine them with whey products or make sure right at the beginning that it comes from whey. This is much healthier than cow's milk and can also be taken in the long term without side effects. For this reason, our recommendation is casein.

Without protein our body does not function

For example, those who exercise and do not eat meat, will soon suffer from deficiency symptoms. This is also true for those who do not work out and hardly eat any meat. Unless, of course, sufficient nutritional supplementation is taken.

In addition to animal proteins, there are also vegetable proteins that provide the body with energy. But these usually do not work in the long term. Those who take them risk that the energy level quickly drops. Animal proteins make sense directly after training.

However, those who need protein on a regular basis, for example, to Muscle loss should rely on milk proteins such as casein. Those who do not eat meat or dairy products have other options. For example, there are proteins from Soy and nuts. Here you just have to make sure that the protein intake is high enough. Otherwise you will quickly suffer from deficiency symptoms.

If you have any questions, we or your doctor are always at your disposal

For non-athletes, close monitoring is mandatory, and those who are building muscle need to pay even closer attention to what nutrients they need. Vegans who want to build muscle should best contact a doctor and work out a precise diet plan. This ensures that the daily protein portion really gets into the body.

If you have any questions, our team is also at your disposal and will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice. We are on your side if you need more information about the products or their effect.