Tyrosine - indispensable for the formation of hormones

Tyrosine is the simplified form of L-tyrosine and it is called the precursor of epinephrine. It is a non-essential amino acid. It is derived from the essential amino acid Phenylalanine formed by the body itself. Phenylalanine should definitely be supplied to the body through the daily diet in order to be available as a protein building block.

If there is an undersupply, sufficient formation of L-tyrosine is not possible. However Tyrosine important for the body, because it builds various neurotransmitters and hormones. These include norepinephrine, dopamine and also adrenaline and thyroxine.



Especially during physical stress, such as during sports, these substances are released. Since tyrosine is a semi-essential, i.e. a conditionally dispensable amino acid, it can be produced in small quantities in the body itself.

Tyrosine is not always sufficiently present in the body

If special diseases are present or extreme stresses affect the body, the body's own production of tyrosine is no longer sufficient. It is important here to ensure an additional supply through the diet. The most important suppliers would be dairy products such as cheese, but also peas, Fish and Meat.

Tyrosine takes over many important functions in the body. The formation of many important biogenic amines, for example. In particular, tyrosine contributes to the synthesis of adrenaline and supports the formation of the thyroid hormones thyroxine and triiodothyronine. Norepinephrine and adrenaline are so-called stress hormones that are produced in the adrenal medulla. If there is a particular stress, there is an increased secretion.

Thyroid hormones are important for metabolism and support energy metabolism. Tyrosine is also known to be related to melanin. This pigment is responsible for the dark colouring of hair as well as skin. Tyrosine is mainly used as a dietary supplement and also in medicine.

The correct intake of tyrosine

Normally, tyrosine or L-tyrosine is sufficiently formed in the body itself, namely in the liver. If there is an undersupply, it can be compensated with dietary supplements. Basically, tyrosine is offered in the form of capsules.

The advantage here is that the amount of active ingredient can be identified very precisely and an optimal dosage can be made. Furthermore, tablets are also available on the market. These are always supplied with plenty of fruit juice or water. Tyrosine is also very digestible in powder form.

For most athletes, however, this is a cumbersome variant, since either the processing into shakes or the mixing with a meal must take place. However, the advantage is that other active ingredients can be combined with the powder and those who do not like swallowing tablets will find this a good alternative.

The active ingredient tyrosine is also available on the market as a bar. Thus, athletes can even absorb the active ingredient during training. The transport is also very easy, but the dosage is hardly given.

The individual tests with tyrosine at a glance

Through the production of tyrosine, the most diverse hormones are built up in the human body. Especially crucial is the adrenaline as well as the thyroid hormones. Adrenaline is known as a stress hormone and is known to increase the heart rate. The reason for this is that in extreme situations there is sufficient energy available. Adrenaline, like dopamine, is a neurotransmitter. Dopamine is derived from adrenaline and is known as the happiness hormone. But without tyrosine no adrenaline and also no dopamine.

Tyrosine is very popular among athletes because it can noticeably improve endurance performance. This effect is related to the ratio of serotonin and dopamine. If the serotonin level is too high, fatigue occurs. To produce more dopamine and less serotonin, more tyrosine is needed.

In a study it was also found that tyrosine was very effective in increasing performance and endurance. In the study, test persons were provided with four different supplements within four weeks. For one, they had to perform on an ergometer and complete a workload under time pressure. Each week they were given different supplements.

In the first week, the tyrosine was in conjunction with carbohydrates. The second week only Carbohydrates. In the third week only tyrosine and in the fourth week placebo. Six shakes were administered in each case. Tyrosine was supplied at a dosage of 25 mg per kilogram of body weight. However, the athlete did not know in which week he was taking which Supplement received. The placebo shakes were also indistinguishable in taste from the others. The combination of tyrosine and carbohydrates produced the best results here.

The effect of tyrosine

Medically, tyrosine is used for various diseases. For example, it is used for depression, excessive appetite, decreased sexual desire, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, stress, pain, and in small amounts, hyperactivity in children. If the tyrosine level is increased, more vitality and a mental as well as physical alertness are achieved. Tyrosine is particularly interesting for people who are in professional life and have to perform daily. It helps at the same time that fatigue and exhaustion states do not appear so quickly.

The use of tyrosine is also very popular for irritability associated with withdrawal from addictive substances, such as alcohol or nicotine. It supposedly facilitates the withdrawal. Since tyrosine is also considered an appetite suppressant, it is often administered to support diets.

At the same time, tyrosine works faster than the well-known phenylalanine, because the latter first has to be transformed in the liver before it can unfold its effect in the brain. Many students and professionals, who have to provide an enormous mental performance every day, often also resort to psychotropic drugs. It is well known that this is not healthy. Tyrosine is a natural alternative, completely without side effects.

Other effects that have been proven by studies

To withstand the pressure to perform, this "stimulant" can be wonderfully used. Even during night shifts - this has been proven in studies - the error rate was reduced by taking tyrosine and the symptoms of fatigue set in much later. Night shifts are also a high stress factor for the body, which again underpins the use of tyrosine.

Whether it is an exam, working day or night, or athletic performance, tyrosine can be wonderfully applied as a dietary supplement in many everyday situations by men and women of all ages. The positive properties and the support of hormonal production are good for the body and thus offer the possibility of best performance.

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