Colostrum - the natural source of amino acids

Colostrum provides protection and helps development

Colostrum has been rediscovered as a helpful nutritional supplement due to the significant advances in biotechnology. Colostrum is the first milk of all female mammals that is released after birth in the first period of 24 - 72 hours. Colostrum is the first milk that protects the newborn from infections and harmful environmental influences, especially in the first hours and days. After a few days, the composition of the colostrum already changes and after a period of 5 days after birth, we then speak of the actual breast milk.

Colostrum from cow contains more beneficial ingredients

There is a colostrum which is richer in valuable ingredients than the mother's milk in humans, that is the colostrum of the cow. There is now evidence that babies who were breastfed with breast milk develop better defenses than babies who are bottle-fed. Also the colostrum that is obtained from cows shows a positive effect on people. The Amino acids The metabolism of the cow and the human organism does not differ, so the cow's colostrum is optimally adapted to the human organism.

The colostrum obtained from the cow is almost identical to the mother's milk, but the concentration of valuable ingredients is in the Colostrum of the cow eleven times higher than the mother's milk in humans. Cow colostrum guarantees the best usability in humans, because it contains clycoproteins that ensure that stomach acid and digestive enzymes in humans can not harm the positive ingredients of cow colostrum. Thus, the positive effect is maintained and the defenses in a human newborn are optimal trained.

Especially after birth, the newborn needs special protection. Because it is during this period that an infant is through:

  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Mushrooms and
  • Glues

at risk until the appropriate defenses are formed. The infant must activate its own immune system after birth and this is what the colostrum serves for. Through the increased protein content and certain immunoglobulins, the colostrum provides for this task. Colostrum which is obtained from the cow is just as free from lactoalbumin, lactose and other allergenic ingredients, like pure breast milk.

Amino acids the important protein building blocks for humans

Colostrum is also called colostrum, which contains a lot of essential amino acids. In addition to these amino acids, this milk has the necessary Minerals, Vitamins and trace elements that an infant needs. The natural Growth factors and the immune factors are present in natural concentration as in no other comparable food. Colostrum is designed to strengthen the offspring and provides a safe envelopment of the intestinal and gastric mucosa with a protective film for the newborn.

Increased performance through amino acids

The amino acids mentioned are high-quality and vital protein building blocks that are responsible for cell generation and cell metabolism. If amino acids are deficient, newborns may experience growth disorders, a general weakening of the immune system, concentration disorders and delayed inflammation and wound healing. The appropriate supply of these amino acids is therefore so important for long-term not lead to physical, psychological and decisive disturbances of a person's physical and mental performance. This Energy supply for a person with amino acids is therefore so useful and important.

Colostrum is also useful and valuable for adults

These positive and valuable properties of colostrum can always be adopted and used. As a nutritional supplement, colostrum shows the same valuable properties that the adult human energy, Endurance and bring strength. Because of this effect and the associated benefits, colostrum has been rediscovered as a food supplement.