multicomponent protein

Not all proteins are the same. Anyone who has already dealt with the subject knows that there are major differences in the protein market that need to be taken into account. For example, there is the milk protein casein, which metabolizes slowly and only within 8 hours. The whey protein Whey in turn acts quickly and ensures that the body receives enough energy. Multicomponent proteins consist of these two proteins, so to speak. Thus, Whey and casein protein are combined. This combination significantly improves the effect. Since the different proteins achieve their effect with a time delay, the body immediately gets a boost of nutrients and the muscles are optimally nourished even hours later.

A major advantage in favor of this combination are the different types of Amino acids, which are found in the proteins. This increases the biological value and can thus lead to even better results. In multicomponent mixtures is usually also received an egg protein, which again quite strengthens the effect.

For whom are multi-component proteins suitable?

This product is especially suitable for those who do a lot of sports. Strength training alone is already enough to benefit from this product. No one necessarily has to become a bodybuilder, even with simple muscle training, the individual nutrients are urgently needed. Likewise, competitive athletes benefit from this mix and those who have to physically exert themselves at work.

If you want to lose weight and build muscle mass, you can also use a multi-component protein. If desired, it can even replace an entire meal. The mix ensures that the protein store remains full and constantly performs its work throughout the day. Furthermore, the body is supplied with valuable amino acids. Perfect as a supplement to any workout or diet.

Different mixes and different options for multi-component proteins

Multicomponent protein consists mostly of Whey, egg, Soy and casein. However, there are also products on the market that contain 6 components. Vegans are best off using products that contain soy instead of egg. A lot has already been done here, so that vegan athletes do not have to do without their vegan dietary supplements. Before buying, customers should definitely read the packaging or the product description to find out which ingredients are contained. This is not only important for ethnic reasons, but also for health reasons.

For example, if you suffer from an egg allergy, you can use soy as a substitute or rely only on casein and protein. Casein is not recommended for lactose intolerance. Ignorant people who do not know foreign words, for example, usually blindly reach for the shelf and end up wondering about side effects. Especially with food intolerance it is important to inform yourself well.

For this reason, we are also very happy to advise you on the individual products. All our employees know the individual products very well and use them themselves. Therefore, simply ask your questions by phone or e-mail - we are there for you.

Why is a multi-component protein blend recommended?

As already mentioned: Proteins have different tasks. So it is valuable to rely on a good mix, because you thus hit umpteen flies at one blow. The high biological value is only one of many points that speak for these mixtures.

The casein contained digests with a time delay and ensures that the amino acid level is maintained. Casein is also important for diets in order to maintain the Muscle loss to stop. Also in case of injuries it can help to keep the muscles upright longer.

Muscles always need nutrients, especially in times when they are not trained, that they do not become less. Mixtures with soy are particularly ergibig, because these still lower the cholesterol level and accelerate the metabolism properly. People with a poor metabolism should therefore rely on multi-component mixtures with soy. The fat burning is faster and at the same time the muscles are built up.

The advantages of the multi-component protein once briefly summarized:

  • The Whey protein is quickly digested
  • Soy accelerates metabolism
  • Casein ensures a constant amino acid level
  • Egg is ideal for hormone production

Why is the multi-component protein also ideal for recreational athletes?

One good reason that speaks for this product is the price. It is cheap to have and tastes delicious to boot. Since it replaces a meal, you can save a meal without missing valuable nutrients. Since there are several proteins in one pack, there is no need to go for different mixes. Normally, athletes need a shake in between meals, another one after training and so on. Thanks to this product, recreational athletes are spared this stress.

Less stress promotes muscle loss as we all know. So why bother all the time when it's easy to do? The multi-component protein blend is an all-rounder product that tastes good and where you can hardly go wrong.

What is the best way to consume multicomponent protein?

Another advantage that speaks for this product: it can be taken at any time. Whether for breakfast, dinner or in between. It does not matter, it always unfolds its effect. Some drink the shake before going to bed, others before the fitness training or after. A shake that meets all needs without anyone having to consider a specific time.

For the perfect mix, 300 ml of milk and 30 g of protein powder is recommended. Those who are not allowed or do not want to drink milk can also take water instead. This is especially recommended during a diet.

The multicomponent protein is ideal for a diet

Multicomponent proteins are ideal for dieters and all those people who do a little sport. You don't have to be a bodybuilder to enjoy this shake. Since it has the right mix, it almost eliminates fat gain. One should only be careful with those shakes that have a high amount of carbohydrates. If taken incorrectly and with little exercise, these will cause you to gain weight. But not with this protein shake. It is therefore the ideal supplement for diets, because it provides the body with enough energy.

A yo-yo effect can thus be ruled out. The ravenous appetite also goes away and the kilos may fall faster. It should be noted that shakes alone can not perform miracles. People with a poor metabolism or a lot of stress often have weight problems. Some gain weight quickly, others lose weight with difficulty.

The same applies to the Muscle building. Here there are different people, with different needs. However, the multi-component protein shakes cover a large part of the same.

If you have any questions about the multicomponent proteins, just contact us and we are at your disposal. Whether by mail or phone.