Gaba - the special food supplement

The Muscle building is the goal of many Sportsman. But whoever wants to use the Muscle building should consider a few things, because it is not easy to build muscle in a healthy way. Important for muscle building is not only the constant training, but also the constant and healthy food intake.

Nutritional intake is an important point for athletic success, because the right foods can not only provide the body with energy, but also provide the basis for a successful workout.



The nutritional supplements as a restorative element

Those who do sports and would like to celebrate successes, not infrequently reach for the nutritional supplements from our online shop. Of course, this is perfectly fine if you take the right supplements. These are of course also available in our shop.

A very popular dietary supplement is with Gaba, but few people know how Gaba actually works. What Gaba is and how it works, we would now like to explain.

What's Gaba?

Gaba is the abbreviation for Gamma amino butyric acid, the element or composition was discovered many years ago in Berlin.

Gaba is classified in the group of biogenic amines of the Glutamic acid classified. However, it should be noted here that glutamic acid is a non-essential amino acid. The Amino acids are actually very well known and are an important component for every athlete. Amino acids are very important for the human body and are essential for various processes in the body. Represented are the amino acids in the numerous dietary supplements.

A composition of different amino acids then results in a protein, which is also of great importance for the body. Depending on the composition, it can be different protein products, but which are important for muscle building. In order to consume sufficient protein, athletes should take the 22 known Amino acids use. These are, apart from a balanced diet, most easily supplied by the food supplements.

The biogenic amine is a so-called precursor of hormones and can, among other things, have a physiological effect, for example as a so-called neutrotransmitter such as the Gaba mentioned here. We also process the neutrotransmitter element Gaba in our dietary supplements.

Gaba belongs to the so-called non-proteinogenic amino acids. It is therefore an amino acid that does not occur in proteins. In science, a distinction is made between proteinogenic amino acids such as trauin or the Leucine and the non-proteinogenic amino acids like the Gaba. To explain the functioning in more detail, we would now like to briefly introduce the functioning of Gaba.

How does Gaba work in the body?

In the athletic field, Gaba is well known as a dietary supplement. In the medical field, Gaba is associated with diabetes. GABA can be produced by the body itself in certain quantities. The main site of production is the pancreas.

In the production of gaba in the human body has a role in glucose metabolism. These are supposed to take over the inhibition of glucagon secretion. So, works the gaba and its production in the basic principle.

But how does Gaba work in muscle building?

As already mentioned, GABA is a neurotransmitter. Neurotransmitters are substances that transmit information from one contact point to another. This transmission can be compared to a current transmission. In this case, the nerve cell represents the power cable, while the current is the message that is to be transmitted. The lightning that occurs between the power cable and the current is the neurotransmitter. This description, however, only served the actual idea.

The neurotransmitter GABA has a special effect in the body, at least that is what is assumed. Gaba is said to have a calming and at the same time inhibiting effect on the nerve cells in the body. This allows the message to be transmitted from one nerve cell to another. The neurotransmitter glutamate is the opposite of gaba and is said to have an excitatory effect.

Whether Gaba really has these effects is not yet fully researched, but it is assumed and many athletes rely on it.

What makes our dietary supplements special?

Our dietary supplements are all made with high quality raw materials. The composition of the individual raw materials has been carefully analyzed and observed, so we can be sure that our supplements will also help you. Take a look around our online shop and examine our assortment.

Who should take Gaba?

Especially athletes should not do without Gaba. But also other people can take Gaba as a dietary supplement with the agreement of doctors. It is important to remember that Gaba is really only a dietary supplement and the maximum intake amount should not be exceeded.

Does Gaba have side effects?

Whether there really are side effects with Gaba and its supplements is still being researched, but in one study, subjects spoke of a tingling sensation in their face after taking Gaba. Other subjects, however, have spoken of a slight change in heartbeat as well as breathing. These are all side effects that are acceptable as long as the maximum daily dose is not exceeded.

However, these side effects could not be proven exactly and it could not be determined whether the described side effects really come from Gaba. In general, Gaba and the resulting supplements have no side effects and can be taken by athletes without hesitation.

However, it is important that Gaba or our supplements only be taken as directed, as an overdose may well cause side effects. Basically, Gaba can have a very calming effect on the body and the muscles.

Who should not take GABA?

Of course, there are also many people who should not take Gaba. These groups of people include pregnant women or women who are still breastfeeding. In addition, people with liver and kidney disease should not use Gaba.

Epileptics should also be careful when using Gaba and talk to their doctor beforehand. It is important to observe the correct intake. So read the exact instructions on our packaging and stick to it. We would also be happy to advise you again on the use of Gaba, as well as the correct effect. Just talk to us about it and we will help you.