Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha lipoic acid as a food supplement

Sport is an important area to get a healthy body and a strong immune system. But besides these effects, sports and a healthy diet has a completely different effect. If you do sports regularly, then not only the skin tightens, but the muscles begin to grow and strengthen, the Muscle building begins.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Now the muscle building for many Sportsman exactly the goal, which is to be achieved with hard work and a lot of sweat. However, the body has not only advantages, because it loses not only calories during a strenuous workout, but also important nutrients, which are excreted through sweat. To avoid deficiency symptoms, it is important to supply the body with nutrients on a regular basis. This can be composed of different areas, often falls here the term Alpha Lipoic Acid.

Is alpha lipoic acid important for muscle building?

Who is already familiar with the Muscle building has dealt with the alpha lipoic acid will certainly know, because it is a sulfur-containing fatty acid, which the human body already has naturally. Alpha lipoic acid has exactly two main functions in the human body: on the one hand, alpha lipoic acid is present in the mitochondria of the body's cells and on the other hand, it is important for cellular energy production. In addition, alpha lipoic acid is a very powerful antioxidant.

Furthermore, alpha lipoic acid has some important properties. Because it passes very easily through the blood-brain barrier and thus offers protection for our brain. It also penetrates intracellular and extracellular water-soluble and fat-soluble structures and can be easily converted to dihydrolipoic acid. Thus, it offers an even stronger radical scavenger.

Alpha lipoic acid and dihydrolipoic acid make free radicals of various kinds harmless and are therefore very important for the body, especially when the body is in high performance.

Background to the Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha lipoic acid was already researched and discovered in the 50s. At that time, the substance was categorized as an antioxidant. To be more precise, alpha lipoic acid is a sulphur-containing fatty acid, which would actually have been classified as a vitamin. But one thing prevented this classification, the basis that the human body can produce this substance itself.

Alpha-lipoic acid has the task of acting as a co-factor in the Energy supply of lipomides. ALA, as alpha lipoic acid is also called, also occurs as a natural compound.

Alpha lipoic acid is actually produced by the body itself, but if there is very high stress, for example during a sporting activity, then it can happen that a deficiency of alpha lipoic acid occurs. This should be treated as quickly as possible, for example with dietary supplements.

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Deficiency symptoms - what happens when too few alpha lipoic acid is present?

It is amazing, but a deficiency of alpha lipoic acid has not yet been described or known. This means that the body often produces sufficient alpha lipoic acid. But especially athletes should not rely on this and give the body the opportunity to have enough alpha lipoic acid to provide increased performance if needed.

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The exact dosage of alpha lipoic acid

The alpha lipoic acid can actually not be added to the body too much, because an excess is simply excreted by the body again. Nevertheless, one should follow the rules when taking it. Basically, the intake and dose depend on the initial conditions. However, most manufacturers recommend taking 60 grams before and after workouts.

Where can you find ALA?

Alpha lipoic acid can already be found in numerous foods, so there is also a source of intake here. One finds the alpha lipoic acid for example in Meat and vegetables, but especially in spinach, alpha lipoic acid is present in a high dose. The acid can be easily absorbed into the bloodstream and passes very easily through the blood-brain barrier.

In order to be able to draw the alpha lipoic acid sufficiently from the food, especially athletes should stick to the two foods yeast and liver. If not enough alpha lipoic acid is absorbed through food, then the body can produce a small part itself, the remaining part you can compensate for the dietary supplements from our house.

A very large amount of alpha lipoic acid is found in meat, kidneys, heart and liver, but it is also found in sufficient amounts in plant sources such as spinach, broccoli and tomatoes. Smaller amounts of the acid, on the other hand, have been detected in peas, Brussels sprouts and rice bran.

Side effects of the Alpha Lipoic Acid

The alpha lipoic acid have after long series of research hardly Side effects shown, should you take a very much increased dose as an athlete, then nausea and stomach upset may occur.

Should you also not find the alpha lipoic acid in a sufficient amount in the body, then it is important to cover the need. For this you can use our dietary supplements, these are known for a good tolerance.

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